Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Day

We've had a lovely, lazy snowy Sunday.  Up late, nice breakfast, a few chores (moving my car down to the main road ready for tomorrow in case some more snow comes (although it's not looking likely at the moment)0.  Then Rich's niece came up after she finished work and, once we'd put the lamb shanks in the oven for supper, we headed out for a snowy walk.
As my camera is probably dead (it's currently with the insurer's inspector awaiting confirmation of its fate) it was up to April to snap our walk.  As she's obsessed with snowy dogs, that's what we've got most of!  Here, Minty observes Shelagh's snowy snuffling with puzzlement. 
Maybe it was the unfamiliar photographer but, with a little assistance from me, April managed to capture both of them! A miracle.

Cute eh?
And a shot of me in familiar pose.  Shame it's only my camera phone....I really miss my Canon Eos!
Richard throws snowballs for Shelagh.  Strange as it may seem, she chases them and then carries them off to be buried in a sea of snow!  Bizarre dog.
Can you see the snowball in Shelagh's mouth as she carries off her prize?
Then she has to run to catch us up after the elaborate burial ceremony.
We conducted a downhill race.  Minty won of course. 
We had a go at a family portrait but you try getting all 4 of us looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.  April didn't stand a chance.
And here's April with her uncle Rich!
Some snowy ponies as we got closer to the village.
Foodwise, not a bad day.  Supper was most tasty and healthily cooked braised lamb shanks with root vegetable mash and green beans.   Mmmmm  I couldhave killed for a pudding straight afterwards but now I'm pleasingly full so why did I want a sweet?  Habit I suppose.
There's no Sunday evening quiz tonight.  Ironically, this weekend was set aside to play any matches which had been cancelled due to bad weather.  We haven't actually had any cancelled games so far but tonight would not have been a good night for trekking over to Wigley about 15 miles away!  So, it has worked out nicely.  The fire is on and the dogs are curled up on either side of me keeping me snug. 
Now, as I lay snoozing before getting up this morning, I thought about a subject for a blog post other than my tedious battle against the bulge.  Can I remember it now??  No, I bloody can't.  It was good too, I tells ya.  I even planned out some paragraphs.  Hmmm, I swear I'm only 43 years of age.  I hope I'm not taking after my mother!! 
Ach well, it'll come back to me eventually and next time I'll write it down.    


Katherine Austen said...

Your dogs look so cute! Glad you had a good weekend!

Peridot said...

I forwarded a couple of pics to my colleague who is waging an intense 'buy me a spaniel' campaign on her husband!


Lesley said...

Hope she wins the day!!