Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

It's started well anyway - up at 9.30 and out running by 9.40am!!  Only a 40 minute muddy splash but cold and clear and beautiful.

The dogs weren't overly impressed.

We had a quiet night in just the 2 of us eating tasty food, drinking a couple of bottles of good wine and watching films.  Just what we needed after 2 consecutive big nights out and a lovely way to see in the new year.

Which is probably why I feel human rather than like something the dogs dragged in this morning.  Which is good news for our trip to the football in half an hour or so.

Right, resolutions.  Nothing comes to mind.  Okay, one diet and one non-diet:

  • Keep on doing what I'm doing with this diet and exercise programme and make 2013 a year of steady progress.  End the year at least 2 stone lighter (ooooh, get me!!).
  • Send birthday cards on time.  Friends and family are important and need to be nurtured.  I did this a few years ago and really enjoyed it but I've got slack again - damn you Facebook and your lazy/easy-ness.
Thank you all for sharing last year with me and I hope you all have a brilliant 2013 whatever your aims and desires may be for the coming year.   Mwah!!!


Dreaming of being a Skinny Minnie said...

Glad you had a lovely New Year celebration. Looking forward to hearing about your journey in 2013! :-)

Skinny Minnie xxx

c macd said...

You have done so well since September: steady and sustained and to be admired. I hope your success continues this year. Caroline