Wednesday, 16 January 2013

No news IS bad news!

Just a few snowy pics from our lunchtime walk on Monday.  It was very gloomy to start with but then the sun came out and it was glorious.  I don't have time for the gorgeous sunny photos yet but they will be posted soon.

I didn't weigh in on Monday morning. Partly out of sub-conscious lack of confidence in the likely outcome but mostly because I was faffing around debating whether or not to go into work or work from home given the weather forecast. It was passable first thing but giving heavy snow showers later. And I have to factor in the big hill and windswept moor between home and Sheffield. In the end I worked from home and saved myself the stress of slithering over the hills and battling through town.

The snow shower when it came WAS heavy - big, steady, fat flakes of snow pounding down and carpeting the world in 3 inches of fluffy white stuff. But it didn't hang around on the roads so I probably would have been alright. Better safe than sorry. In the midst of that, I had my black coffee while emailing various people at work about my decision and only afterwards thought about my WI!

So, I got on the scales yesterday morning instead. Oh dear. My first GAIN since I started the Six Weeks to OMG! diet. A solitary lb taking me back to 14.7.8. Grrr. I really am treading water now. I'm irritated with myself because I actually did BETTER over the Christmas and New Year period than I did last week and now it'll take another couple of weeks to get into fresh fat. It's not surprising though. I knew I was battling against myself all week and then, to top it off, had a big weekend out in Hull during which I was not in the mood AT ALL to exercise restraint.

Hey ho. I was very good yesterday foodwise and went for a good long walk in the snow with the doggies and I feel more motivated now so hopefully I have got last week's ennui and general rebelliousness out of my system and can knuckle back down again. It's only a lb.

I'm going to take each day as an individual challenge - so Monday gets a smiley face to start me off

Now, could I do the same yesterday? I was up early although got into work late (just found LOTS to do before I could leave for some reason) so had a relatively early breakfast this morning of a plain bacon sandwich (small roll and only 2 grilled rashers, not too bad). I had a tuna wrap and small salad for lunch and some fruit. Supper was risotto - too carby but not bad by any means.

This weekend has nothing major planned so there is every reason to be confident that I WILL get rid of that pesky lb (and more??) by next week. It CAN be done!!

Wednesday Update - I WAS good yesterday so have awarded myself another smiley face BUT the scales have been cruel this morning. Yet another lb "popped on". Grrrr I'm putting it down to hangover from the weekend or TOTM and soldiering on grimly. I've got personal training today so that should help.


c macd said...

Extra pound maybe just reflects risotto night before and will vanish as quickly as it came. Always hard to deal with a gain but dealing with it you are. One day at a time indeed. Important not to "what the heck" and compound it. Stay strong. Cx ps snow looks fab, we've had not a flurry up here!!

Katherine Austen said...

Just keep on going...but dont look at the scales every day... i know how strong the temptation is...but it won't help and I find it hinders you. Just be good and you WILL see the result you want.

Also don't worry about the gain.. you can explain why you got it so it's nothing major. xx