Monday, 7 January 2013

Week 16 Results

It took some doing working out how long I've been (gently) following the Venice Fulton "Six Weeks to OMG!" plan.  I started over the weekend of 15-16 September and had my first official WI on Monday 17 September.  Unlike most diet plans, Venice does not pooh pooh starting a diet on a Monday; he says it makes sense.  Which, as every woman knows, it does!!  That's not to mean that, if you have not started on any given Monday, you should go mad in the run up to the NEXT Monday!

Anyway, today is my 16th WI and, as usual, it involved scale-based trepidation.  I have been back on plan after the Christmas and New Year "relaxation" but not quite as strictly as I would have liked.  There are still tasty things knocking around the house and the habit of eating and drinking a little more than I need is hard to erase.  It is happening but slowly.

Offsetting this is the fact that I've done very well on getting back to exercise.  I have managed to go running every other day last week and fit in some "trampetting", personal training, lots of stairs at work and a few walks. 

That said, I was not particularly good last night at the quiz - several sandwiches, a few chips and 3 glasses of Merlot.  Hmmmm.  (We managed a hard fought draw against the team just behind us in the table - we're probably down to second now as the other team on joint second will probably have won and leap-frogged us both.)

But, getting back to the scales, I managed a VERY modest drop of 0.4 lbs taking me from 14.7.2 to 14.6.8.  Not quite back down to my pre-Christmas low but not far off.  Next week will be better organised.  And, a drop is a drop, is a drop.  I'll take it (and mentally thank my scales for having decimal points!).

The main thing is, I'm still doing the plan.  I have not gone off it for one single day.  That is not to say that I haven't overeaten or drunk too much at times but at no point did I lose sight of what I was doing or contemplate not starting the following day back striving again.  Cold Showers Rock.

That said, next week is a crucial week.  I need to talk the talk and actually drop blubber to get back into Fresh Fat or all this patting myself on the back for not going mad over Christmas and New Year will just have been hot air.  I'm conscious of that and need to keep reminding myself of it.

I think bootcamp may have gone by the wayside.  The other parks are not convenient for getting to work afterwards or for Kerry and, to be frank, why should I pay £90 for a month when I'm already doing plenty of exercise for free??!  It would have been good but this way I get to lie-in a bit more.

I will pick up the DVD idea though so, when the running doesn't happen, I have an alternative.  Got to think ahead to outfox the sneaky Chimpetta. 

Right, I'm waffling now so will stop.  I'm chuffed with a drop and determined to get back going with more focus next week.  Watch this space peeps! 

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