Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Freeeeessh Faaaaat!!!

The pictures reflect my mood!!  Yes, it's THAT good!  And THAT surprised.  These were the last few pics from my big walk last Monday but not much has changed sinced then.  We now have even more snow and not quite as much sunshine although it is quite bright.  I haven't seen a sky this blue for ages though - can't beat it!
Check out the snow marbles on Shelagh!!  She is really funny - when they annoy her she hops over to me with a "poor me" look on her face and holds her little paw out for me to sort out.
The gorgeous village of Bradwell nestling in its valley, looking all cosy.

I went for a Tuesday weigh in this week as I've been all over the place this last week and had had a bit of a dodgy Sunday.  (Just call me coward...)  I was still scared though when I got on the scales, even though I've been quite good this week.  It has been a crazy week on the scales, a gain last week, then a midweek gain, then a drop, then back up again.   Think it must have been TOTM as, this morning saw a decent drop - 3.1 lbs! 
Some proper new numbers on the scales - 14.4.6!  That's a total drop in 16 weeks of 18 lbs (yes eagle-eyed readers, I got it wrong last week - it should have been Week 15!).  At last I'm on the move again. 
I'm chuffed but quite suspicious.  Because it has come out of nowhere I can't help think that tomorrow it's going to bounce back up.  However, my scales are very stern and do not give me options so I have no choice but to believe in them, and cross my fingers....
14.4.6 seems so much better than 14.6 or 14.7.  It is just that much closer to the 13's and fitting into those "new" jeans and trousers.  I'm tempted to try them on again but will hold out for another few weeks.  It is gratifying though that I've got moving again so my Six Weeks to OMG plan IS still operational (I was beginning to doubt it).  Phew, I'm not having those sodding cold showers every morning for nothing!! 
Hey, I did another one of those Sunday telegraph workouts last night.  I knew we weren't going to be going to dancing because of the snow and also couldn't go for a run for the same reason so after my hilly dogwalk thought I'd fit in a quick workout at home.  I picked out another Mark Foster set as he doesn't need a weighted bag like Sally Gunnell (although I will sort a bag out so I can do a Sally set next - it's all about being prepared).  God, it was EXHAUSTING! 
I had to do 4 sets each of the plank (for a minute!), flutter kicks on a chair (for 40 seconds), 20 leg raises from a chair and 12 hip circles.  It didn't look hard on paper but it really was.  Tough on the stomach and core muscles to the extent I was sweaty and groaning out loud at the end of each set.  I'm seriously impressed that a newspaper pullout can achieve such tough results.  I will definitely keep up with this little routine.


Peridot said...

Congratulations! And gorgeous pics.


Seren said...

Hurrah! Well done you - that's fantastic!

And oh, that sky. Beautiful.


Isabelle said...

Beautiful pictures and well done!

Dee said...

Congrats and your pictures are beautiful.

Dee said...

Congrats and your pictures are beautiful.