Monday, 7 January 2013

Hairy Dieters Update

PS.  Peridot - Hairy Dieters seem to follow a low calorie plan rather than focussing on fat or carbs.  Very Old Skool eh?  They restricted their diets to 1300, then 1200 calories a day for around 3 months and dropped around 3 stone each!

So, the recipes tend to be both low fat and low carb as they are restricting calories overall.  Their priority seems to be maintaining taste and trying to retain the food they love (pies, curries, meat) while dieting.  Very Boy-ey.  But, they do look at eating from an interesting angle - "we like doing this, how can we keep doing it and still drop weight"? 

The spicy yoghurt marinaded chicken with cumin crusted roast veggies we had last night (with a minty yoghurt sauce) was gorgeous though.  Really moist chicken despite having all the skin and fat removed, tasty from the marinade, crunchy roast potatoes and crisp, tasty veggies and, instead of gravy, a few teaspoons of minty yoghurt.  Rich had seconds and requested that this dish be added to the rotation and be repeated.  (The dogs were happy with the bowls of chicken skin, fat, backbone and "stuff" which they got out of it too.)

And I'm looking forward to the leftovers for my lunch today.

Win win win.


Linz M said...

Oooh, I got this book for Christmas and just watched the series on iPlayer over the weekend.

Good to hear that the recipes are a hit, I am planning to make a few over the course of the next few weeks.


c macd said...

Impressed by the series, watched tonight on I player. Big weight losses; Men are so objective about what to do, none of this emotional stuff that we woman seemed to consumed with. They just DO IT! Food looks great but a lot of cooking!

c macd said...

Men are so focussed, they just get on and do it: eat less and lose weight. They seem unemcumbered by all the emotional stuff that engulfs us women! Food looked tasty too but a lot more cooking than I'd do in a day. Impressive weight losses in anyone's book. 1200 cals seems v low for big men and they must have stuck to it really well. Lessons there I feel...

Lesley said...

Yup. That struck me too. Rich is similar - I can't have that and then he doesnt. Simple as that. WTF?!

There was a fair bit of cooking of the chicken but now I know I like it will make a supply of the spice mix in advance. Also you do all the prep the day before which makes the actual cooking quite hassle free.

Not all the recipes look fiddley though.

Lesley xx

Peridot said...

That does sound delicious - I'll see if I can find the recipe online as (potatoes apart) I could have that.

Men are lucky though - their different bodies mean that they lose fat much more quickly than women.


Sarah said...

You've inspired me to get the book - I looked up the website and there's quite a lot of good stuff there but I also can't do fussy recipes, just don't have the time when I'm working and commuting.

Sarah x