Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Smiley Faces

So, today has been another good day (apart from the bad news on the scales this morning that is).  I'm pretty confident that that bad news was a temporary blip so I'm not going to be too miserable about it.  I stuck to the plan all day and also went to personal training and sweated hard for an hour so I'm hopeful that it will start to turn around soon.
Food was a mid-morning breakfast of light cheese and ham quesadilla (tortilla wraps instead of bread to cut down on carbs).  Lunch was leftover veggie curry and boiled rice.  And supper was grilled pork chops with mustard mash and stir fry brussels sprouts with bacon and mushrooms.  A little fruit and only 2 milky teas all day, the rest either black or green.
I was going to weaken this evening and finally open one of he 3 (3!!) chocolate oranges hanging around since Christmas.  But thankfully Rich talked me out of it.  It didn't take much to be honest and now the chocs have now been put away!! 
Anyway, didn't do much else today apart from work, walking the dogs, haircut and training.  A nice day.
But no decent photos so I'll post a few more from  my snowy walk on Monday.  It was bit brighter than when we first set off and then got gradually brighter and brighter.  

See, it's getting sunnier already and the sun is peeking through.

A tiny bit of blue sky.

But that's all for now, you'll have to tune in to another post to see the sunny end of the walk.....

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