Friday, 1 February 2013


Okay, you SAY you're not bored with all the talk of resetting but I know better.  I think you might need some doggie love to help you through it!  Doesn't Minty look cute with her little chin resting on the stile and Shelagh all hangdog because I'm making her pose for a photo!!

This'll just be a quick post to say that I'm pretty much sticking to the plan and hopefully will see some progress next week PROVIDED that this weekend is not too manic (and drunken).

I was working from home again today which is the only way I can get any work done these days.  I seem to spend every day in the office either locked in meetings being given yet more work or desperately doing those office tasks I can't do from home (arranging copying, sealing, binding etc).  Which only leaves home to actually read the documents, prepare the reports and do the drafting!  It sort of works but it is a bit stressy as there is just SO much work to do!!

I suppose I shouldn't complain as at least now they really can't get rid of me!!  I'm literally the last property solicitor left at the Council!!

Working from home is good for the diet plan.  I'm in control of my timings and I can do POMs and cold shower and black coffee when I want and eat what I want.  So, today I went for a brisk, hilly dog walk first thing; did another quick one around lunchtime and then had personal training in the evening.  Perfect.

Late brekkie was fantastic - totally non-regime and somewhat bizarre and I'll never be able to replicate it but it was gorgeous!!  Leftover Hash.  Fried onions, mushrooms, cold chicken, the last piece of bacon, some knackered baby plum tomatoes all stirred into leftover mash potatoes with a grating of cheese on top.  Mmmmm....

Lunch, toast and pate, fruit and tea.

Supper, Thai Green chicken curry.

No wine but a choc ice and a couple of pieces of shortbread.  A weird day but not a bad one by any means.

There are MANY challenges ahead this weekend.  Football tomorrow.  Big night out in Sheffield tomorrow night for a friend's 40th birthday followed by a big Sunday lunch party on Sunday(obviously).Tomorrow night is going to be tricky - we're starting at Las Iguanas, then drinks and then cheesy nightclub.  I'm going to do my best to minimise the damage but who knows how sucessful I will be....I will be heading out with the best of intentions but, as you'll all know, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

This is NOT to admit defeat in advance I promise!! I've had some good successes recently so have every faith that I CAN do it.  I'll let you know.  I think the best bet would be to try to not drink at the footie and at least save those calories....but will that make me more likely to blow out later?? 


I'll go for a run as a bare minimum and let you know how it goes.


Seren said...

Now I am a cat rather than dog person - but your girls are absolutely gorgeous!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend - full of success AND fun.


Isabelle said...

Running as a bare minimum sounds dangerously like the Naked Hiker...

Peridot said...

How did it go?

That breakfast sounds amazing btw and ideally I would be a sweet breakfast person. Of course, IDEALLY I would be a slim person who could eat a sweet breakfast and remain slim - but that's just fantasy!