Thursday, 17 January 2013


Just a quick one to say that, happily, yesterday's rogue extra lb has disappeared so I'm Back, Baby!!

I'm back "in the zone" after last week's disconcerting foray away from it. I'm quite hungry thpugh so need to guard against the dangers that can bring. Today could be a tricky one. I am going to a Latvian Food Tasting Experience for my lunch. I have no clue if this will help or hinder!!  Then we have darts and dominoes this evening with the temptation of wine and goodies afterwards. I will not drink more than 1 glass and will resist the foodie stuff. It should be slightly easier than normal as wont be rushing to and back from french beforehand so will be able to have a proper meal.

Fingers crossed peeps. I reeaally want to eliminate last week's gain this week and get back into fresh fat next week!!

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Peridot said...

What IS Latvian food? I wait, agog...