Monday, 28 January 2013

Press the Reset button

I'm not sure now what day my WI should be on.  It started out on Monday but has been on Tuesday for the last 2 weeks.  So, I'll give you my numbers this morning and then try again tomorrow just in case I can do any better.

But first, how have I got on this week?  As you know, I was somewhat suspicious about last week's miraculous foray into fresh fat, wondering whether that the 3.2 lbs off was too good to be true.  And I was right.  The very next day, a lb "popped" back on.  And that lb has stayed there ever since.  So, my number this morning was 14.5.6.

I also noticed that my maths are exceedingly poor as well.  In my last post, I said that 14.4.6 took me a total drop of 18 lbs.  Actually, it was only 17 lbs.  So now, I must confess that the true drop is just 16 lbs.

So, as of this morning, last week saw a gain of 1 lb but, to be fair, as the 14.4.6 was a brief abberation, it's not so bad.  It does mean, though, that I didn't drop any weight last week at all.  Sigh.

Ach well, I'm not too disheartened.  I'm still a lower weight than I was pre-Christmas and January IS a tough month to make progress, as many bloggers seems to be finding out.  I have been rather slack from time to time but, in between those times, I've also been quite good. 

I just need to RESET the dieting button and get back going again.  Take the good behaviours and do more of them and minimise the slack stuff.  Sounds simple eh?

The snow didn't help.  It stops you going running - you think you canbut it's almost impossible in thick snow with icy, gritty, slushy roads.  Besides, when it's so gloriously pretty and white, I would much rather go for a walk in the snow with my camera and the dogs than slog through the slush and ice without them.

The snow has for the most part gone so I forced myself out for a run first thing this morning.  (Pressing reset you see....).  It was icy and frozen but also intermittently muddy and flooded.  I picked my way through the muddy bits, managed not to twist my ankles on the frozen bits and was doing really well.  Right until I hit the frozen sheet of ice at the golf course.  I couldn't run up that so went to cross the track and run up the 18th hole instead.  I coudn't even cross the track though without losing my feet and landing with a massive bump on my ass and elbow. OWWW!!  The ass and hip seem to be fine (well padded see) but I'm going to have a massive bruise on my forearm/elbow.

I enjoyed the run though so will not complain (much). I'm also enjoying getting back to basics as well after a weekend of offpiste indulgence.  Not bad but not good either.

We went over to my parents' place to see the Olds, my aunt over from Dublin and my brother and his wife who are staying there while they pack up their house and move to Malaysia.  We might not see Graham and Hadi for a bit now so it was good to have a weekend with them before they head off.  Now we have to start saving up for flights to Kuala Lumpur to visit them!  Nice to have a goal eh?

This week should be a bit more normal - not so busy during the week and only one big night out planned for the weekend (Rich's pal Tom's 40th birthday bash in Sheffield).  So - pressure on, reset button depressed and dieting on full throttle.  Watch me go!!


Peridot said...

Ouch - poor you. Hope the bruise isn't too bad.


Isabelle said...

Re your comment - waiting to hear from Firebird but if she doesn't come you'd be very welcome apart from the problem of the dogs. We like dogs but our cats would (I assume) have a fit. I assume that you were thinking of bringing the dogs?

Other than that, it would be great.

c macd said...

good for you, facing the true numbers. I need to follow your example of honesty this week and RESET TOO!
It is a hard month and any progress is to be celebrated. I'm hoping to be any amount less than what I started at, so bad has been my self combust these last few days. Cx