Wednesday, 30 January 2013

More resetting

Why do you feel all "can't be arsed" one week and then motivated the next?? What IS it which causes the change from week to week? Why, when you're perfectly happy on a routine and dropping weight steadily, do you suddenly slacken off and start eating toast or, when you're enjoying the toast, suddenly start running again??

It's weird.

Still, in my long history on the dieting and exercise rollercoaster, this is the smoothest section of the ride I've think I've ever experienced. Fewer ups and fewer downs and the downs of a noticeably shorter duration thus creating an overall gentle climb towards my goal. (That analogy SO does not work! You can't have a negative "up" so overall you have to be climbing, but what roller-coaster CLIMBS to it's eventual end?)

Oh well, you'll be used to my weird similes and metaphors by now!

Anyway, I'm pleased to say, I seem to have regained my motivation (or at least ditched the "can't be arsed mentality") and have been resetting several behaviours over the last day or so. I'm back on my green teas in between meals (I still have a milky tea or coffee with the occasional meal). No snacking after supper and good solid plans for exercise today even though a lunchtime run has been thwarted by multiple meetings over the lunchtime period.

Yesterday, I turned the telly on while having my late breakfast to see "Areobics Oz Style" on Sky Sports 2. If you can avoid being transfixed by jealousy of the lithe, tanned Aussie beauties doing the exercises on a beach in some gorgeous Antipodean setting, it didn't look too bad. Quite steady and easy to follow and no equipment required. I couldn't do it there and then and it was halfway through anyway but I recorded an episode and thought that I could keep it in my Sky Plus box for tricky days. It is cheaper than a DVD (ie. free) and saves the hassle and frustration of picking an unsuitable DVD which I seem to have a particular knack for doing.

So, tonight I'm going to do a quick jog or trampette to warm up and then a Sunday Telegrph home workout with Sally Gunnell (I purchased some hand weights over the weekend) and then, on Wednesday when working from home, I can either go for a run or, if it's too slushy and rainy, do Aerobics Oz Style! It's all in the planning eh?

I'm also not frightened of getting on the scales any more. It was only a few days, but I did not like that desire to avoid which started to creep in. That has been the thin end of the wedge for me in the past. Now, I'm actively curious and there is no downside, whatever the scales say, it is all part of my process and I feel like I going somewhere.

Clotheswise, I've started wearing some work trousers which I stopped wearing well over a year ago. They are snug but not too tight which is pleasing. My previous work trousers were so baggy they were beginning to look like Clown trousers! Since I've been wearing the "new" pair, I have had several pleasingly complimentary comments and the big boss asked me if I had a hot lunch date and then added "It's not an interview is it!!?" Which I took as a compliment....I think....

I'm still several lbs away from most of my "new" kit and getting a little frustrated that it's taking so long to get into them....grrr I suppose the fact that my interest in clothes is re-awakening is, in itself, a good thing.

Righto - better get on - supper this evening is going to be white fish (feel too guilty about Haddock or Cod so Cobbler or Pollock it is) cooked in milk with poached eggs, peas, tomato and new potatoes (and maybe a slice of bread and butter to soak up the fishy milk!!). Sounds weird but it's truly delicious and quite virtuous. Were staying in as I think I'm going to see Les Miserables tomorrow with a pal. Never really fancied it but she's a fan and lots of other friends have raved so I thought I'd give it a go.

I should have posted this last night but got stuck into Silent Witness (or "Stunned Witless" as I think of it now that the plots have descended into fantasy).   I was good last night and have been resetting some more today....

I did Aerobics Oz Style as my morning POM (quite mild aerobically but a good abs routine) and then went for a lunchtime run as well.  Get me!  I also cut out the toast which had crept into my supposedly carb-free breakfast of bacon and eggs.  Yay!!  It is happening, now I just need some progress on the scales.  Pleeeease Dieting Gods.....

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