Monday, 31 December 2012

Post Christmas Reckoning

Before I reveal my Christmas numbers, I'll distract you with some pretty pictures.  These were taken on my Boxing Day walk with Carolyn and Wispa (and Shelagh and Minty too of course).  We set off from Rich's dad's place and headed over the hill to Hathersage.  It started out extremely bright and sunny as you can see.

A walk wouldn't be a walk without a picture of Win Hill from a different-ish angle...

Up towards Bamford Edge.

Along New Road above Bamford looking back towards Win Hill.

And out over the Valley.

Forwards towards Hathersage.

 Then we headed under Stanage Edge and down to Hathersage.

Stopping to collect and bury some sticks.

Have a good romp in the fields...

And a swim for Shelagh of course....

Once we got to Hathersage we looked for a cafe for sustenance.  We found one but had to sit outside in the cold.  No biggie given that we had 3 wet, muddy dogs but it was amusing when, after the other people had left the courtyard, we spotted a big, sleek, glossy rat run out from behind a shed, along a wall and scarf up a load of seeds left out for the birds.  He (or she) went back and forth and it was obviously totally relaxed and used to the routine.  I doubt the cafe owner would have been as amused but we didn't tell them - the rat looked so happy and healthy.  And he only came out when there was no-one in the courtyard and he stuck to the wall.  We were sitting on the far side, miles away.  So, a mannerly rat.....

We then walked back but the weather was not kind - it rained.  The stepping stones were flooded and the field route too muddy so we ended up tramping down the main road chatting ten to the dozen.  Good walk.

So, enough of the walk chat.  If I were you I'd be wanting to hear how I'd done over Christmas given all the partying we have been doing.

I last weighed in (properly) on Monday 17 December.  It was a good day and I hit 14.6.2.  Go me!!  I had an interim WI on Sunday 23 December but it was a hiccup at 14.8.6 (whoops).  When I came back from my parents' I weighed in at a very heartening 14.6.6 (v exciting!).  And today, after a fortnight of seasonal festivities I saw 14.7.2 flash up on the scales (as it has for the last 3 or 4 days).

I'll take it!! A single lb on over the whole of the Christmas period.  And we've not stinted on the food, drink and fun either.  We have a house littered with cheese, wine, chocolate, cake, pate and other deliciousnesses so I am very pleased with a single lb on.  I'm already working my way back towards dieting and healthy living and have fitted a fair bit of exercise in over Christmas anyway so maybe that's why I haven't had my usual Christmas chunky gain.

And the other thing I think has made a difference is those weirdo cold showers every morning.  I know it sounds daft but it has meant that I'm doing SOMETHING dietwise every single day.  It has concentrated my mind on making good choices every single day since 19 September and I think that has helped. 

Even when I go out and have a night in the pub (like last night) I'm changing my routines a little - I stuck entirely to shorts and diet mixers instead of beer or wine last night and suspect I saved 800 plus calories in so doing (and no hangover!).

Having said all that, today, for the first time in ages, I have carbed out.  I was out shopping and, at the last minute at the till, grabbed a fresh baguette.  No plan for it but that's we had for lunch - baguette with all manner of eaty-up goodies - pate, turkey and stuffing, honey.  Mmmmm but NOT going to be a habit.  Alright chimp - NOT going to be a habit!

Right - enough feeling pleased with myself (and slightly nervous about the carbfest and what it might herald).  Rich has gone into town and I have to walk the dogs and then prepare a glazed gammon for supper! C'mon woman stop watching Friends and blogging and get outside before it starts raining again!!

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Dreaming of being a Skinny Minnie said...

Only 1 pound over the whole of the Christmas period is amazing. Well done! You should be very proud.
Skinny Minnie xxx