Sunday, 30 September 2012

A different walk today.  Both Rich and I had a day off golf today which I think we needed.  A nothing-much-planned day.  So, while Rich was catching up on his sleep after his stag trip, I was up and about nice and early and got some chores done.  Cold shower to start of course, black coffee and a blog post, a few bits and bobs up at my old house and then off for my weekend walk.

This is the route along the river near where I used to live and is probably the equivalent walk in terms of distance and hilliness to my big field/walled track route here in Bradwell.

It starts with an unusual stile and dog gate combo.  I always find it weird that the dogs seem to know that the dog gate is for them and wait for me to lift the latch rather than just hopping over the human stile as they would normally.

We follow the river which is very high.  Mindful of the untimely death of a woman from my village in the same river, I didn't throw sticks for Shelagh knowing that she wouldn't swim without them.  Minty might paddle but she'll not go out of her depth so that's okay.

I love this meadow.  It's flat and huge and bounded by the river on one side and hills all around.  The dogs are still swallow-mad and luckily there were no sheep in the field so they could run their little legs off.  Shelgh has recently been on a diet and is slimmer and sleaker now so can almost keep up with Minty, at least for a while.  I love watching them running, ears flapping in the wind, barking and just being free.

Win Hill to the left and Bamford Edge to the right.  And the trees just about to turn for autumn.  Not the most beautiful day but still lots of loveliness to enjoy.

Just after this big tree we leave the river and head up hill.

The views from the hill are lovely.  This is looking back towards Hathersage with Carl Wark (a neolithic hill fort) and Higger Tor beyond.

This is looking forwards towards Bamford, Bamford Edge and Ladybower Reservoir in the distance. My golf course is just below Bamford Edge to the right.

Minty waits for me on a stile.

So, since the walk I've had a lovely day relaxing day.  Cooked breakfast, made some muffins (healthy ones with those blackberries I picked and lots of bran and muesli).  I'm going to freeze half and use them as part of a mini-meal when needed.  Caught up on some recorded Tv shows and then went for another evening walk before popping a chicken in the oven and settling down in front of the final day of the Ryder Cup.

It's gonna be a loooong night but at least the Europeans are finally making a fight of it after 2 lacklustre days.   Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a good week of fat fighting (if that's what you're up to of course) next week!

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