Friday, 28 September 2012

An autumn walk

You will by now be familiar with this walk.  I've done it the last 2 Saturdays and again this morning each time with my camera.  I've enjoyed recording the autumnal changes over such a short period.

The neighbour's pots are losing their verve but they're still lovely to look at. 

This is the unusual stile into the big field at the end of our road.  It is made of a type of local limestone which contains large fossils and there is a beautiful large fossil right where you put your feet.  I wonder who arranged for it to be put in place and picked such grand stone??  I've seen that type of limestone carved and polished as the window sills at Chatsworth House and I picked it for the hearth stone at my old house (at some expense)!

It's a dark, grey morning compared to the last 2 Saturdays but not cold.    After their big swallow chase during the week, the dogs are hyper in the big field, racing off up the hills to my right, constantly scanning the skies searching for an illusive swallow.  But they are destined to be disappointed as I spotted a huge flock of them massing to fly off!  Poor Minty!

Still, there is much running to be done and lots to sniff and smell (for the dogs, not me!).

The cows and calves are just as suspicious as they were last week and the week before.

But they are a lot more relaxed than they were earlier in the summer and there is no stroppy bull in the field to contend with. Phew!

The walled track is changing colour.  Hints of red and brown are appearing and the geranium leaves are turning lime green.

I was surprised that the blackberries that I picked last Saturday are still so plentiful.  I decided to pick another bagful and, to this end, got scratched and nettle-stung picking the berries out of the congested tangles. 

Shelagh was in seventh heaven, buried deep in the undergrowth snuffling and snorting at terrified beasties below.  Minty was bored and ran off, the minx.

In pursuit of free fruit, I worked my way down the line, squatting to reach low fruit, getting scratched and stung frequently.  And then, as my bag was nearly full I found a spot where the fruit was perfect - ripe, large berries and totally unaffected by nettles or tangles, arrayed lightly against a stone wall it was perfect picking!  Typical!!

A late bee sucking some last pollen out of this flower (no idea what it's called)

After being bored during the blackberry picking, Minty was naughty.  She was desperate to find some swallow so squeezed under a gate and headed into the middle of a huge (mercifully empty) field right next to a farm house!!  I yelled blue murder at her and she eventually came back to me but was then in disgrace.  Hmmm...look at the resentment on that face.

Come oooon Mum - hurry up!

We head into Bradwell so I can go to the hardware shop. 

We used to live just near this cottage and I always admired her roses and clematis.  They are simply stunning and seem to bloom for months

Then down the steep hill, past my local pub.  We were there last night for darts and dominoes.  I've been inducted into the dominoes world which is strangely tricky.  I lost my first ever league match by a mile (playing with Rich) but won the pub game so not a total disgrace.

The pub is an ancient building.  The sign behind Shelagh's beautiful face says that it was "IC" (whatever that means?) in 1676. 

Finally we make it to the hardware store.  I attach the dogs to a post and then spot this cat who had been hiding behind some sacks.  Not impressed by his new companions!


Caroline Whymark said...

Hi Lesley. I found your blog last night. We could be the same person re diet delights, dizziness and repairs rapidly cycling. A few differences I've noted between you:me; SW:WW, red:white, Solicitor:doctor, sheffield wed:grimsby town (when lived there, BF from there). I'm at my heaviest for about 8 years right now. BOught skeleton wardrobe ( a misnomer if ever there was one) in the next (final) size up and they're tight.Have a lovely wardrobe of small clothes awaiting my return.
I've lost count of the number of "new starts" to my diet in the last year.It all goes well til the next bottle of wine or social occasion.
Perhaps we can motivate each other...?

Lesley said...

That'd be great Caroline. It always helps to have a cyber buddy on your shoulder (hopefully) stopping you falling off the dieting waggon!! Are you currently going to WW? If so, keep it up chuck!

Lesley xx

Caroline Whymark said...

technically still go to ww (didn't do this am as scales not favourable despite great efforts and mammoth bike riding).
Intrigued by your OMG diet. Had read about it and wondered...although I say I always need breakfast asap its probably just another habit.
Last night also found Dr Steven Peters book about sorting out the inner chimp. I've downloaded that to see if this weekend will be the one to change all others. Hope you have controlled fun too. C x

Skinny Minnie said...

Your walk reminded me of where I used to live. Lots of bracken and brambles for the dogs to chase through; up into the park and across the countryside, past a stream, through a woodland and over a stone stile into the church yard. Oh I miss that walk! Your photos are lovely though - thanks for bringing back the memories. I'm going to Google Earth it now this minute! :)

Good luck with your weight loss journey too :) I'll be keeping track of your progress!

Lesley said...

If you're Google Earthing it, the big field is above Hazelbadge Hall.

Caroline Whymark said...

Hi Lesley, hope your away day was enjoyable and not tooooo destructive..? i've looked at many of your photos, you are so lucky to have such amazing surroundings on your doorstep. The grass is always greener but I'm sure it must help with POM! (and also the dogs!)
Mixed weekend.
Bought lots of new 'quality' (i.e. larger clothes but still small size numbers!) clothes on Sat and felt v positive that although felt fat thought looked ok in new outfits ( 1 work and 1 smart/casual)
however, felt cheat this am: weight even higher despite meticulous calorie counting and exercise tracking. drastic measures called for so going to try your OMG diet (even although I don't like coffee, I will drink it.) tomorrow my day 1. Have re-read your earlier posts and you seemed to survive. Any tips or warnings gratefully received. Happy to exchange emails off your blog (people might be bored) if you're agreeable. Mine is

Wish me luck tomorrow; I'm nervous. Also hope you can get back on track after a hopefully enjoyable weekend. C

Lesley said...

Hi Caroline. Will defo email you tomorrow. Just get in that cold bath or shower first thing and the rest will follow! Am too excited about the Ryder Cup now to think of anything else right now.

Lesley xx