Friday, 28 September 2012

Mornings off

Well, I managed to sort out the photo issue but only by shrinking the pics to tiny proportions.  I was previously resizing but using the wrong measure of dimension, pixels not width.....I don't know!  Now I'm not sure whether I'd rather just buy some proper storage at £1.80 per month and not have to shrink my photos so far down!

Anyway, enough of that.  Below are my photos from last Saturday's morning POM.  Enjoy the blue skies and sunshine because they may be the last you see for some time.  I'm off today but it is grey and rainy (when isn't it?) so any photos I take will not be as nice as these.

We went on the same walk as the previous Saturday morning, through the big field and up the walled track. I still love it.  Things change in only one week.

Look at that sky!

 Late geraniums still blooming in the shelter of the track.

The end of the rosebay willowherb.  Looking almost alive as it leans into the pathway.

Blackberries.  it's weird looking at this photograph knowing that those exact ripe berries have already been picked, cooked into an apple and blackberry crumble and eaten!  My Dad loves homecooked meals, especially those measl that finish with a crumble!

 Field Scabious.

The prettiest goats in the village.  The other goats I see tend to look a bit rough and, well, "goaty" but these are so soft and sweet and buttery!

View from the path running down through the village towards the church.

As I mentioned above, I've taken today off and I'm really enjoying it so far.  Well, NOW I'm enjoying it.  As I was not rushing off to work, I decided to try a cold BATH instead of my usual cold shower.  It wasn't too bad but, as I suspected there was a lot more faffing around with timers etc.  Not something I'll be doing on an everyday morning.

I suspect I could have gone a bit more hardcore temperature  wise as it wasn't 100% cold water but it was still pretty freezing to lie down into and I'm pleased that I managed a good 5 minutes lying down.  I don't feel noticeably colder than after my shower so I suspect the shower is just as effective but a bit quicker.

I've been blogging while I sip a very strong black coffee and I'm about to head out for my morning POM and will finally buy that thermometer and timer I should have bought 2 Saturday's ago which should help me keep to the straight and narrow.

I'm always concerned when living with a new plan that I start really well and then my pesky, clever, manipulative chimp gradually eases up and erodes things away from the plan, so outside accountability in the form of timer and thermometer is essential!

On the topic of outside accountability, I have been weighing every morning this week which I didn't do last week.  It has been a bit disheartening to note that the scales have stayed EXACTLY the same every day.  To the last decimal point on my scales.  This isn't bad, I know, but I do want to see some real progress.  With the awayday to Wolves coming up tomorrow, I'll have to stay vigilant to make sure that I do! 

So, I've gone from Diet Giddiness to mild disillusionment in one fell swoop....typical, LOL!  That is so Me when it comes to dieting. There is no half measures, just black (disaster) and white(delight).  I know in my head that there is a middle way but, when dieting, sometimes struggle to find it.

Anyway, I'd better get out and about.  Have a lovely weekend and I'll let you know how I get on with the awayday temptations!


Peridot said...

Lying in a bath of cold water! I could not do that. I am full of admiration. Don't like black coffee either...

But I'm back on the fasting today and starving already. Too many carbs over the last 10 days and a wedding dress fitting beckons.


big mumma said...

Love your pic's - you live in a beautiful area.

Are those goats yours? I love goats, I used to have 2 goats as pets when I was a kid back in Australia.

Also dont be disheartend about your weight, I think in my 2nd or 3rd week I only lost only .6kg It will come off just stick with it. YOur doing great- do take measurments as that might give you true reprenstation of your ongoing weight loss.

keep it up xx

Lesley said...

Hi Skinnie. 'Fraid the goats are not mine. They live next to a footpath tho so I'm quite familiar with them. Lesley x