Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A paean of praise to cold showers

I can't believe you're all such wusses out there!  Frightened of a teeny little chilly shower in the morning. 

Well, I must confess to something - Fulton says that we should take cold BATHS where possible!  Trouble is, the thought of a cold bath freaks me out and also there seems to be a lot of messing about with thermometers, timers, adjusting temperatures gradually, standing for so many minutes, then sitting, then leaning back.  It all seems a monumental FAFF and I wondered when you're actually going to get round to washing.

Also, what with the POM and black coffee first thing, I could see me having to get up at 5am just to fit everything in. 

Luckily he does say that cold showers are okay (if you don't have a bath) and they seemed a lot simpler and shorter so, for the time being, I'm doing the shower thing.  I'm planning on trying a cold bath over the weekend - eeek!

There is one crucial difference (to me) between the 2 - he tells us to get into a WARM shower and then gradually turn the temperature down.  This I can manage.  In fact I'm noticing that I turn it down quicker, I get to a colder level and can stay there longer even after only 5 cold showers. 

I'm not really dreading them any more either.  They can't be bad as I've not once considered NOT starting my day with my cold shower and usually my chimp would be offering this option up to me on anything she isn't keen on.

When I get out I'm all warm and zingy; my skin feels taut and fresh and the feeling of wellbeing lasts for quite a long time through the morning.  Alongside this is the knowledge, which I hug to myself frequently, that the coldness and the morning emptiness is helping my body root out fat stores and burn them away.  So, in these admitedly early days, I'm not feeling lethargic, tired, sluggish and fat (or hungry) in the mornings, I'm feeling vibrant, pleasingly empty and refreshed.  Long may it last.

PS.  what do people know/think about body brushing??  Fulton refers to it as something which is good, may help fatburning and helps you stay in the shower nor bath for longer but I don't really know what he's talking about.  Is it just brushing/rubbing your skin in the direction of your heart or do you need implements??

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Linz M said...

I'm very intrigued by this. I have my shower so hot it almost scalds me, I might try gradually turning it down to see if I feel more awake!

I used to body brush, I got a brush from the body shop and that was it. Usually I'd do it on dry skin, circular motions towards the heart. Supposed to help with that dreaded cellulite stuff :) x