Monday, 24 September 2012

Sunny Saturday morning walks

One benefit of Fulton's insistence upon POM's first thing is my newly acquired habit of Saturday morning walks.  Below are pictures from last Saturday in glorious sunshine.  You will have seen this route several times but I love it.  I walk out of the house and 50 yards up the road I'm into this gorgeous giant field with views of the White Peak all around.  Heaven.

Looking back towards Win Hill

Curious cow with calf , somewhat concerned about the dogs!

Big bull with Bradwell Edge behind him.

Once we leave the field, we cross the road and head up a walled track.  I love the ever-changing wildflowers along this path and the dogs like snuffling through the undergrowth.

A quick look back at the snarling, barking farm dogs! They're just jealous 'cos they never get out from what I can tell!

Let's go this way Mum!!  No, sorry Minty, it takes too long.  Another time.

Round the lane back towards the village.  there is hardly any traffic on this road so the dogs are free to wander at will and I'm free to take photos and inspect the hedgerows.

You can't really see from this photo but I'm watching some wheeling buzzards in the gorge below and listening to them calling to each other with their strange catlike calls!

We came across a mass of bright red rosehips.  While other berries, in particular sloes, are very poor this year, rosehips and blackberries seem plentiful.

While I'm picking rosehips the dogs amuse themselves in the undergrowth.  Shelagh can happily spend hours stuck hip deep into long grass but Minty doesn't really know what she's doing and I think she gets a little bored!

Finally I relent and we head down the hill into the village.  I love this green, shady side road.

I stop off at the plumbers' merchant/hardware shop to see if they have a thermometer for my cold showers and a timer.  They do but for some reason I don't buy and now wish I had as others I've seen don't seem as good.  The dogs HATE waiting for me outside shops!  This amuses me greatly.

Don't leave us here Mum!!

Then back home to work out what to do with the rose hips...haven't done anything with them yet but I will!

A lovely early autumn walk...

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