Monday, 17 September 2012


Buying the Fulton book was an impulse and that is working out pretty well so far.  And it is causing big changes already. 

As reported in yesterday's post, I went for a walk yesterday morning (my first POM).  I was intending to walk round the fields for about 45 minutes and then back to do some chores.  But as I got going, walking through the cool, gloomy, grey morning, I felt as though I wanted to go further and tackle a hill.  I could see Mam Tor in the distance and then Lose Hill.  I could head up in that direction??  But then sense set in.  To tackle those, I'd either have to walk all day or go home and drive a few miles to the start.  I didn't fancy either of those options so I did the next best thing - I just kept on walking right to the top of Win Hill.  We walked solidly (on an empty stomach) for 3 hours and it was great!

Here is me partway up the hill with the summit up ahead.

The view left towards Mam Tor and the Great Ridge, maybe next weekend.

And right towards Bamford Edge, Hathersage, Carl Wark and Higger Tor.

Getting higher (and steeper) now looking towards Lose Hill.

Castleton nestling below Peveril Castle with Winnats Pass and Mam Tor to the right.

The village of Bradwell where we've just walked from (and still have to walk back to!).

Hurry up Mum!!

I can see the top!

Getting closer now.

The view back towards Hope Cross

It's all worth it once you hit the top - 360 degree views. Ladybower reservoir.

Shelagh takes them in.

The gentle green view towards Bamford.

Ladybower again but looking towards Sheffield.

Then the walk down the hill towards Hope.

Shelagh takes a little swim to cool off after all the exercise.

Then, irritatingly, on the way home, the sun comes out!  I could have done with the sunshine when I was at the top of the hill!

Day 1 dawns.  I'm discovering that, although I dread the idea of the cold shower, I actually enjoy it.  It is definitely getting easier to get in now too.  Afterwards I feel really zingy and exhilerated.  I've heard people extoling the virtues of cold baths or showers and now I see what they mean.  I'm slightly concerned (having checked out the Fulton forum) that I may not be getting the shower quite as cold as it needs to be but will work on this.

My early morning POM is great too (especially today in the glorious sunshine).  And strangely, I have not felt hungry during the mornings which I usually do after eating breakfast.

There is some way to go in organising what I'm going to eat and the timings as the plan is somewhat fiddley but I aim to work through it and fit into my life as best I can.  I'm doing the bit he says is the most important element of the plan though so the rest can come.

On the downside, I miss snacking as it was so much a part of my life to grab a piece of fruit or bar or something but I'm sure I will get used to only eating meals soon.  I also miss milk and sweeteners in my hot drinks but I'm getting to like black coffee and green tea surprisingly quickly.

So, what it comes down to is, will I stick to it??  And that depends on how well I fit it into my routines and how much success I see.  So, watch this space.


Linz M said...

I'm watching this space with interest! I've given up on SW and WW as neither seem to work for me (even when I am good), so any plan that kick starts a loss is of interest.

Not sure about the lack of alcohol or the cold showers though!

You're lucky to have such beautiful surroundings to walk in.


Isabelle said...

Well, good for you but it would have to be extremely effective to persuade me to have cold showers. Ugh. Good luck, though.

Peridot said...

I could NOT do a cold shower; I find getting up hard enough without that as a deterrent.

Re green tea try the Twinings green teas with various flavours. The Orange and Lotus is my favourite but the Pineapple and Grapefruit is nice (I always imagine it as Lilt flavoured!). And don't brew it too long - a dunk and a swish is enough to get the taste without the bitterness.

Gorgeous pics as ever.