Sunday, 16 September 2012

Flash in the pan??

Day -1 before the start of the big Fulton Plan has dawned and the question on everyones' lips is - did I wimp out of the cold shower having managed it (as an experiment) yesterday??

Answer - not at all.  In fact, here I am, freshly cold showered and, having finished my second ever mug of black unsweetened coffee, about to head out for my morning POM (period of movement). 

See, I'm getting into the swing of it already.  It seems that "people" (ie.the daft air-headed teenaged girls this book seems to be aimed at) are scared off by the thought of "exercise" so now I must think of it as "movement" instead.  Meh...

But, when I think about it, isn't this what I already do with my chimp??  When she is working against going to the gym or swimming or something arduous sounding, I rephrase it into a less threatening package and take her along with me instead of fighting her all the way (and losing).

Although the book is written in a somewhat fatuous "OMG I am so, like, happy to be, like, skinny, girlfriend!!" style, the theories behind the crappy exclamation mark littered prose (yes I know I use loads of exclamation marks!!) are pretty sound and chime with what I instinctively feel will work for me. 

Yes, there are gimmicky-looking strictures.  Cold showers, black coffee, skipping breakfast, POMs but all are scientifically justified and all working towards the same end of making sure your body burns calories or stores them short-term in muscles cells rather than loading them straight into fat cells there to rest happily in eternity.

Who knows?  I'm just pleased to be doing something after a hiatus.  (And also pleased that I'm doing it only a couple of lbs heavier than when I last stopped so not having done any serious damage - that's one cycle broken at least.)

Righto - off for me morning POM, come on doggies!!  (They are going to LOVE this plan - my days are full of POMs most of which will involve doggie walks!)

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