Friday, 21 September 2012

Day 3 (Wed)

Just a quick catch up on how I did on Day 3 (Wednesday). I was working from home which makes the timings a lot easier. I found it fine - cold shower; 40 minute walk round the fields; black coffee (think you're meant to have that before the POM but I like it afterwards); 3 hour working before healthy salad lunch and fruit; green teas in between; more working then a walk down to the shops in the evening before a stir fry supper and off to the football.

All good.

Well, not quite ALL good.

I also polished off the remains of some caramel Ben & Jerrys icecream with my lunch and had 2 pints of bitter before the football. So, not ALL good as such but not terrible. We'll see.

There was lots of walking to and from the footie and a couple of good mates came with us which was nice but the game itself was frustrating in the extreme. We lost 3-1 at home to local rivals Huddersfield. Aaargh. In all honesty they had 3 shots on goal - 2 penalties and a header and scored all 3. We had LOADS of decents attempts and managed to bundle the worst one over the line. The referee was a duffer so they got away with falling over all over the place slowing the game down and breaking up any rhythm we stumbled over (which is what they wanted to do to be fair). It was slow, dull and broken up, no flowing passing, our team selection and formation was all over the place and it was a terrible result. Aaaargh again. Really looking forward to Bolton on Saturday.......

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