Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 8 - Week 1 Report

It should be my first WI but it isn't going to be today because I'm over at my parents and didn't bother bringing my scales.  Even if I had, the floor won't be right so I may as well WI tomorrow when I'm back home.

It's nice to report that things are much better here.  The company Dad and I rang last time I visited has been and they have set up a home care worker to visit Mum twice a week to shower her and wash hair etc and Dad has now got the hang of persuading her to change from nighties to day clothes so she is in much better order.  Also, my brother and sister in law are over again living (for a few months) a couple of miles down the road so Dad has someone to drop in for a chat or for a coffee or who has them over for dinner once or twice a week so much more company.

I'm still keeping up the fortnightly visits which let him go shopping and give him a break too and it's nice chatting to Mum and she enjoys the dogs' company so, after a fraught few months, we're back on an even keel again until the next stage of deterioration!!  It is a cruel, cruel disease.

As I mentioned in my last post, Rich is away in Portugal on a stag weekend until Wednesday golfing, the lucky beggar.  He reports by text that after 4 hours kip, they are breakfasting on champagne under a cloudless blue sky at the golf course before their first round.....I look out of the window to grey, rainy Lincolnshire and silently gnash my teeth.

So, a full week of Fulton OMG has passed and what do I have to report??  I have enjoyed it and I feel slimmer.  Jeans which were tight are now comfortable once more.  Football shirts which were becoming almost unwearable look okay again (the manmade material is so unflattering and unforgiving!). Tomorrow's WI will bring hard stats but I'm guessing/hoping for 4 lbs off.  It could have been more but I have unaccountably had a heavy week on the booze!  Great idea for the first week of a new diet plan Lesley but none of this was planned (neither the diet nor the boozy evenings!).

Football Wednesday (2 pints); darts and dominoes practice night Thursday (4 glasses red wine); shared a bottle of wine with Rich Friday night; band on at the local Saturday night.....(4 glasses red wine and 3 rum & diet cokes).  Certainly a few too many and way more than usual.  Next week will be quieter!!

I have stuck to the Fulton Plan structure pretty well:

I have managed a cold shower EVERY morning followed by a POM (period of movement - keep up!!) and black coffee and a break of at least 3 hours before eating.  Mornings have been exemplary.

I have gradually managed to improve my lunches so now I've got them onto protein and salad with very few carbs (bit of fruit etc).  That is a matter of being organised and having the right food in.  Once I'm organised I love my salads.

No snacking - epic for me!

Green tea instead of sweetened tea or coffee - epic for me!

Suppers/evenings  have been less sucessful although I have cut down on the spuds/pasta/rice and replaced half with salad or veggies.  I struggle to fit my evening POM in so probably only managed 3 out of 7 last week.  Fulton doesn't like you eating fruit in the evening and I have struggled to give that up.  I do eat it with my meal though not as a snack and try not to have it late when it might inhibit fat burning.

Exercise has been pretty good too.  Lots of walks daily, taking the stairs at work, personal training, dnacing and golf.  Fulton isn't bothered about the intensity of the exercise apart from making sure that you do 3 big weights sessions per month (personal training will cover those) but wants you to ensure that you have lots of POMS, even if they're only a quick walk.

So - targets for next week:

Improve the evenings both inserting POMS, cutting back on carbs and cutting back on the worst sort of carbs - the liquid variety AKA alcohol!!  Wish me luck!

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