Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day 13 - Mixed Report

Overall I would say that I've been much better this week than last.  I have, once again, stuck to the plan structure pretty well and had a LOT less booze to boot. 


  1. Stuck to the morning routine every day - cold shower or bath, black coffee, walk and no meal for at least 3 hours. 
  2. I dug some wellies out which actually go over my calves so I do not have an excuse not to go up the field in the morning if it is wet and muddy. 
  3. I've managed to avoid snacking which is a major thing for me.
  4. Booze has, over the whole week been limited to 2 rum and diet cokes, 1 whisky and 3 pints of beer and a glass of wine yesterday (of which more later).  Compared to last week this is pretty good going!
  5. One personal training session and a couple of decent walks on top of all the POMs.
  6. I made a plan and stuck to it for the Wolves awayday yesterday and, on the whole, it worked out alright.
  7. I have been a better blogger.  I have written more posts and been active on the Six Wweeks to OMG Forum so have "met" some great new bloggers which has given me much-needed support and advice.

  1. Although I've done the POMs, I haven't done particularly high-energy bouts of exercise.  They have been limited to hilly dog walks.  I have not managed to drag myself to Zumba (even when Rich was away last Tuesday) and I haven't done any running.  Something to work on next week.
  2. The scales have not been kind.  I have weighed myself every morning (perhaps I should not have done?) and they have stayed EXACTLY the same, every single time.  To the same decimal point even.  I'm somewhat suspicious now that they are somehow "stuck" but they are digital and have not been unreliable in the past.  It is somewhat demoralising but one of the SWTOMG bloggers reassured me that her scales "stuck" for a couple of weeks before shifting once more so I'm going to keep the faith.
  3. I haven't been particularly scrupulous about the amount of carbs I'm eating.  I've cut back A LOT but am not really counting so don't know how many grams per days I'm taking in.
  4. Our household has been a bit moody.  I don't know if it is me being picky/resentful or Rich being thoughtless/disconnected or a combination of the 2 but we have been a bit snippy with each other this week.  It's not like us and I don't like it.  Trouble is he's no longer a great talker [why do they always start off talking your hind leg off when they're chasing you and then just stop once they're happy and settled?!] so addressing even this very small blip is like pulling teeth.  I am going to though as otherwise I will fester over it and will become more picky/resentful which is no good to anyone!
So, in advance of my Week 2 WI tomorrow morning (which I'm NOT hopeful about at all), there is my second week's report.  Good but "could do better".

Now, I'm off for my morning POM.  I'm going to take the dogs for a different walk as I think we'll all die of boredom if I post any more photos of the big field/walled track route any time soon!!

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Seren said...

Well, the positives are pretty positive and the negatives are all things that can be worked on. Apart from the pesky scales and you know that if you do everything right the numbers will drop - they'll just mess with your head in the meantime.