Monday, 1 October 2012

Week 2 Weigh In Results and the Ryder Cup


Well, as I suspected yesterday there has NOT been a miracle escape for me this morning.  My weight has stayed resolutely the same all week and this morning was no different.  It's bizarre, it has been the same to the decimal point every single time I stood on the scales last week.

Hey ho.  I have not gained. I have stuck to the plan and I have confidence that I will reap the rewards soon.  After my positives/negatives analysis yesterday I know what I have to work on and that is:

  1. Upping the intensity of my POMs
  2. Monitoring my carb intake more closely
  3. Reducing (again) my alcohol intake
On the booze front, I wasn't doing too badly yesterday morning but then the excitement of the Ryder Cup took hold and we ended up sharing a bottle of wine with supper and then having a celebratory bottle of beer each at 11.30pm as the team secured it's most unlikely and incredible victory.  So, once again, last week was a little too high in terms of alcohol intake for this low-carb diet.

But, who cares?!  What an evening it was.  I don't know if anyone follows the golf but the Ryder Cup was the most amazing sporting event of an already incredible summer of sport.  The Europeans were 4 points behind with only 12 singles matches to go.  In America.  In Chicago with its loud and enthusiastic fans. On a course which was set up heavily favour the Americans' style of play.  And they went on to win 8 and halve 1 of those singles matches leaving us with 14.5 to 13.5 victory!!

It was truly brilliant to watch.  Team spirit and individual grit and determination hauling the Europeans through against a fantastic American team who had outplayed them all through Friday and Saturday.  Both teams showed such sportsmanship and ENJOYED it and golf was the biggest winner (yes, cliche but it really WAS!).

I had been disappointed with how the American Captain had set up the course  to favour their "big bombers".  It was very long, with no rough so the big hitters could go for it with total freedom and extremely quick greens which the Americans habitually play on.  It didn't seem like a proper test of golf to me as players could just bash it miles off the fairway right or left and then have a clear shot off short grass onto the green.  There were few benefits from accurate drives and few adverse consequences for wild driving.  (I would LOVE that course!) But, in the end, even that came to favour our boys as players who might have faltered were given let-offs from nervy drives and came through to win when the Americans' faultless putting from Days 1 and 2 deserted them under the rapidly growing pressure.

Rich and I watched pretty much every shot together from 5ish to 1am and, in between, I whipped up an easy roast chicken with roasted veg and broccoli which was especially delicious with the Viognier we shared.  It is great to be able to share so closely an event like that.  It took me back 2 years to the last Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor.  (The one we went to on the first day which got rained off so we saw about 12 shots of live golf!)  Because that match had been pushed into the Monday as a result of the terrible weather, we had recorded the final day and raced back from work (missing dancing) to watch the final round European victory late into the night. 

Sitting on the sofa (or pacing round the living room) shouting at every holed putt, groaning head in hands when some were missed, calculating who needed to win and who might lose and analysing every nuance of the course, the crowd, the pundits and the players.  Brilliant.  It made me think about what a lovely 2 years we have had together.  How much we've shared and how much we have still to share.  We're already planning a trip to Gleneagles for the next Ryder Cup and I know it'll be a wonderful experience (whatever the weather!).

So, I know it's only a game and basically it was a day watching the telly but it felt like something bigger than that and we loved it!


Linz M said...

I don't even particularly like golf (sorry!) but I was hooked on it yesterday, I didn't want to go to bed!

I'm liking your positive attitude towards the diet, I tend to give up if I don't see immediate results. I'd thought of starting today, but the cold shower could not be managed.... so maybe tomorrow :)


Peridot said...

It's lovely that you have someone to share in something that means such a lot to you.


big mumma said...

On my second week I only loss 0.6kg and was very dissapointed but it will come off stick with it is for me at a steady pace now and I have just accepted it. My fingers and toes are crossed for you for a big loss next week.