Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Week 1 WI Results!

So, I'm back home with no excuses not to stand on the scales.  I really didn't feel like it this morning.  didn't feel like ANY of it to be honest.  Rich is away and the house was cold last night, I was cold in bed and cold when I woke up (to be fair this is probably me exaggerating as I slept like a log and woke up naturally so I can't have actually BEEN cold). 

The thought of getting into a cold shower was NOT appealing and, for the first time since I started I (my chimp??) contemplated "having a morning off".

I also felt fat and dreaded getting on the scales and seeing that I hadn't dropped any poundage or not much.  Dreaded that feeling of disappointment.

Anyway, I slapped myself round the chops (metaphorically) and stood on that nasty white block.......to see a 5lb drop!!  I'm very very pleased with that.  I know it could have been more but given my lack of organisation (well I did start the plan on a whim!!) and booze issues, 5 lbs is epic. 

Of course, having seen that number on the scales I was NOT going to forego my cold shower.  After all, they have stood me in good stead all week and delivered a 5 lb drop.  Yay!!  It was cold but I soon warmed up and felt the usual refreshing effects.  I've had my morning POM and now am just sipping my black coffee before heading off to work with cold meat and salad lunch packed and ready.

I realise that the proof of the pudding requires more eating than just one week but, for those of you who may be keeping an eye on my results, Week 1 has been favourable!  Linz - buy the book and get going!!!

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Linz M said...

Fantastic news! Well done. I'm logging onto amazon as we speak, you've convinced me x