Monday, 4 June 2007

Day 43 (ii) - Body shots for comparison

Not difficult to say which of those I prefer! I look tired in the fat photos and notice that there were a lot where I picked Shelagh up! I think I thought she would hide the flab but it really doesn't work!

Yep - I'm not going to go back.

Thanks for inspiring me to have a look at the old piccies Mel and Cath. It was an interesting exercise. A bit sad as I think you found Mel - but useful. I don't look as if I cared for myself as much back then. My hair is more frizzy, my nails bitten, clothes a bit more tatty. Less self-respect, definitely.

Not going back...

Night night all.


anita said...

You look great in the after photos - such a difference. Thanks for your comment earlier, I've just been trying to find pictures of me htat I could upload but here don't seem to be very many - didn't realise how much I must avoid the camera. Will try again tomorrow to upload a couple of shots as a good starting point.

Cath said...

They are inspirational - though I've got to say that I don't think you look very big in the before photos, you look good in those but you look so much healthier, slimmer and happier in your 'afters'....... so are you going to write up your story for the LL magazine? I really think you should.


Lesley said...

I'd like to do a magazine spread I really would - the makeover and clothes if nothing else (although I'm not sure you get to keep them). I reckon though that they like you to have kept the weight off for a while before you do the story - now that would be a good incentive!

I was pretty big. Think I just carried it well, distributed evenly over my body. I was nearly 20 stone in those pictures!!!

Lesley x

chrismars said...

Fantastic pics, my dear. Well done! They really show how far down the road you've come. And that was a one-way road, wasn't it?

Keep on keeping on, Lesley.

Chris x

Melanie said...

I think it would be great if we all went on something like This Morning (not like I watch it, but they like that sort of thing) to get them to cover our story of "Fat Bloggers" and get us on the show to do multiple makeovers, how much fun would that be?!

Free hair-do's, free make-up and free clothes.

I know what you mean though about making you feel sad looking back, it's amazing how emotional it can be looking back like that, re-feeling the old emotions.

I cried on the way home from the Gym last night, not from sadness, or feeling down, but just welled up with emotion because I'd done a good workout. Jeez, I sound nuts!

Nice to see the pics, they're great!

Mel x

katie785 said...

Wow you look like a completly different person, It must be such a boast to see how far youve come, and you definatly inspire people to do LL. I think you have to have kept the weight off for at least a year to be in the mag, but that shouldnt be a problom for

Lesley said...

Great idea Mel - if not them, then someone must be interested???

Free stuf always seems like a good idea.

I reckon we should definitely meet up sometime too. Chris mentioned it ages ago and I was going to try and see who might be interested when I got back from Canada. Think it would be a laugh.

Nighty night nutter....!

Lesley x

Cath said...

Ooh makeovers - sounds like heaven ..... they can just start at the top and work their way down.

I agree that the meet up should happen, would be great to actually meet everyone .... have to get a map out and pick a central spot - everywhere is do'able from Wigan for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Its incredible isnt it what you can do when you set your mind to it! Like you I look at the before photos now & feel sad (despite having 3 stone ish to go)...but also feel that woman is gone for good and I'll never go back! Meet up is a great idea!! Also agree that a meet up would be great....Also would love to do the LL mag as would be such an achievement! Wil just keep plodding!! Wish they'd do the mag monthly!