Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Developing 44(ii) - Lists!

I almost forgot - I said to Katie that I'd do a list tonight. What shall it be?? How about:

Bad things about being a size 14 instead of a size 24!?
  1. Ironing is much harder than it used to be.

    Firstly, nearly all my fat clothes were comfy non-iron items rather than fitted shirts and trousers so the volume of ironing has increased. Secondly, the clothes themselves are much smaller. You'd think that would make it faster to iron (less surface area) but NO! The panels of fabric are small and fiddley and, instead of there being vast swathes of thigh and bum to sweep across, you have little patches of material and I keep ending up re-creasing it. Not impressed!

  2. Shelagh has mixed feeling about the new Mum! I'll let her tell you about the problems:

    "On the one hand, she's much more active therefore more walks and more gardening (which I really like - I mean digging - what's not to like??). On the other hand, several of the walks have been turned into "jogs"....I'm not sure about these. Not too bad if they're off the road so I can sniff around at my own pace and then run to catch up but running on the lead along the road is not that great. Sulks can ensue.

    Also, Mum's lap is not quite as comfy as it used to be. And, she doesn't spend nearly as long sitting down with tasty food treats conveniently to hand. This is a definite lowering of the standards of home comforts. In fact, when Dad is away, there is a marked reduction in food based treats altogether. What's up with that??

    And, she doesn't lie in on weekends so snuggling up in bed (I know I know...) has been curtailed.

    Not sure about this new slimline Mum... "

  3. Belts

    I think before I lost the weight I had one belt which I never wore. Any items which had a belt when new were rapidly divested of them. The trousers or skirt simply didn't need a belt. Now - I spend ages finding an appropriate belt and hitching too-large clothing up and haulng the belt in. I'm constantly adjusting my belt and pulling the trousers up over them. Playing golf with a belt is a pain. I need belts in new colours to go with new clothes. And who knew that you could grow out of a belt?? I thought that the smallest hole on my Evans belt would last forever but I'm now into small/mediums from non-fat shops!

    Not keen on belts (but they are saving me a fortune).

  4. Shopping for size 14's

    Now I know what people were talking about when they complained that being the common size makes it harder to shop. I just assumed that they were talking rubbish. There are almost no size 14's on the sales racks. In Matalan, DP and M&S, there were very few size 14's in the tops I wanted at all - loads of 10's, 12's and loads of 18's, 20's but 14's or 16's?? Not many.

  5. Droopy boobs and Bingo Wings!!

    You know what I'm talking about!! I used to have firm flesh (lots of it admittedly but firm). Now it's definitely a bit on the swingy side. And my bust!! I did like being well-endowed and now realise that I wasn't - it was all flab. What's left is definitely erring on the sad and droopy side. Not terrible (not the dreaded Spaniel Ears) but, nonetheless, a sad shadow of their former selves. I know we're told to wait until a year after you lose the weight to see how far your skin shrinks back but even then I suspect I'll be left with a small amount of slack skin under the arms and a bit on the tummy and maybe even at the top of my thighs.

    So - would I consider surgery?? Damn straight I would!! Just hope I don't have to. That said, D did promise me a new pair of breasts should I so desire them - just how unselfish is that man??!

Would I go back??

Nooooooooooooo way.......


Cath said...

erm can you add to your list that you need to write a list!


Lesley said...

Yeah yeah yeah - I posted it before I typed it up - not the brightest cookie!!

lizzie said...

Hi Lesley, nice to catch up with your blog, great stuff. Try doing Pilates, it can help a lot with the arms etc and use a body brush before taking a bath or a shower.


Sandra said...

I was just thinking about the boob reduction effects myself this morning. I am very happy about being a 38 band size but my former Fs and Gs are decidedly roomy. And, of course, this situation is only going to intensify over the coming months.

Melanie said...

I wish Nigel was so forthcoming with the Boob offer!

I'd have to sell a lot more on ebay I reckon to save up for new boobs, but if I'm left with too much sagginess, I'd go for it!

Mel x

katelle said...

Just caught up with your blog, I cant believe the difference with your photo's....you look fab and so much more alive (if you know what I mean!) You really are an inspiration!
Poor Shelagh, though it really does seem though her walks have been enhanced...she just needs to be able to see further than the end of her little wet nose!!

I have promised myself a boob job when I get to where I want to be weight-wise. I dont want to be humungus, just feel more in proportion so bring on the spaniel ears cos they wont last long! (actually, dont think I've got enough to make spaniel ears..maybe chawawow(or however you spell it!))

Karen x

chrismars said...

Comments on the problems of being a size 14:

1. Ironing: Don't iron! Or get someone to do it for you.

2. Shelagh: Get Over It! You have a smashing new Mum who loves you to bits - and she likes to share her 'me time' with you. Would you rather stay at home, all alone, abandoned and lonely. Or would you rather be out there, enjoying her company and experiencing new vistas and new smells? I thought so!

3. Belts: a covenience! You never need wear one again once you get to target. More sales for ebay??

4. Shopping for Size 14s: Tell me about it! Don't the buyers in shops notice that they're always left with either the tiny clothes or the large ones. If they cut down the buying of those ones and bought in more of the 14s and 16s they'd have less of the leftovers to have to reduce for the sales. Hence, they'd make more money. Or is that something only mere mortals like us realise?

5. Droopy boobs and bingo wings: there's always a downside to whatever you do. A little bit of scaffolding around the boobs and a longer sleeve (or shawl) and you're away. Surgery? I'm a coward.

Now what about the good points???

I await the list....

Chris x

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Still laughing, and loved your list.

I thought Shealagh was very articulate and was able to express the downside of having a more active mummy.

As for the new boobs, will he buy me a pair too. Had been saying since kids I want Daid to but me some, however not sure he has been saving and thinks he will getaway with it!

fab moving from a size 24 to a size 14, we are all proud of you mrs role model

Sam xx

Cath said...

LOL poor poor Shelagh, see I just knew she was suffering :) She's a good girl though, she'll put up with her mistress and all her madness though.

Good to know that there are some bad things to look forward - and there was me thinging it would be all good!


RB xx said...

Hello! I'm such a big numpty!!
I'd been checking your blog since Saturday and it hadn't changed so I thought you were away somewhere, but somehow still had time to comment on mine. Turns out I'd bookmarked the wrong page rather than the homepage. Doh!
Great to catch up with you and how you're doing! Your list made me chuckle lots, especially Shelagh's part. I can just imagine Hamish writing something similar if I'm ever in the same position!
It's weird - I was just going to ask you about the excess skin issue as someone had mentioned to me and it got me wondering, so it was useful to see it in your blog. You look gorgeous now in your body comparison pics - all radiant and happy and I know I keep saying it but I'm sooo pleased for you and D and Shelagh! It's just FAB!
Now all I've got to do to recreate your success is lose 7 stones and it'll all be hunky dory.... :) xx

katie785 said...

Fantastic list! I think if I get droppy boobs i'll be investing in a new set!xx

Peridot said...

Hi Lesley

I read your blog with great interest - I'm about to start LL (first meeting should be 18th) so spent all last night reading print outs of your life (I only have computer access at work) and feel like I know you! And I'm completely in love with Shelagh - would she like to come and stay with me in London whilst you're in Canada? Looking at the walks she's used to, the answer is no! My boyfriend sounds scarily like Diarmuid too and would like to discuss with you if you're willing. Would your friend Becky like an online penpal to go through it with her? Sound like we'll roughly be at the same stage.

Aimeerebecca said...

Hi Lesley I love your list! I never really thought about what the downsides are of getting smaller as everyone is always going on about how good it is and sometimes I resent it! I know what you mean about the droopy boobs and bingo wings, i've been slathering myself in tightening lotion every day and i've joined the gym now as i8've been inspired by how fit you are now and i'm hoping it will help tighten me up!!!

Anonymous said...

Chucckled at that! Can totally get the boobies thing as mine are already spaniels ears (sorry S!) so dread to think what they'll be like at the end & am TOTALLY with you on the surgery!
S. is clearly a very intelligent hound but a tad spoiled me thinks & all that excercise wil make up for the naughty treats she has plus doesent she know you gotta suffer to be beautiful!! No pain no gain hound dog!!
Also loathe ironing! Iget clothes that you can dry, tunble & hang as much as I can as finind it one of those REALLY depressing life things..you wear it, iron it & then have to start again! I mean who started ironing eh? Ridicolous and think we should all be able to go around crinkly! If it works for the skin!!!!! Well done & humongous hug for you - so proud of you!! Bathe in the glory of feeling slim - you look FAB!!