Monday, 11 June 2007

Developing 49, 50 and 51!

Just a quick Hello! to let you know how I'm getting on.

We had an excellent journey on Saturday - no delays and no cheats. Stuck to the packs all day even though the plane food looked uncharacteristically good. When we got to my friend, Richard's house, it was evening time in Toronto so we sat in the garden enjoying the lovely evening sun and Diarmuid and Rihard drank their way through several bottle of speciality Canadian beer (in the spirit of discovery of course!) and I drank my packs, water and coffee. Not too bad at all.

Sunday was a walking around soaking up the sights day. I went for a good long jog first thing though and got a really good feel for Richard's area. Quite close to Downtown but so leafy and charming - and extremely multicultural! I think there must have been about 15-20 different nationalities represented on the nearest High Street to his house - fantastic! The food looked amazing unfortunately.

We started the day with a Chinese Dim Sum brunch. Richard's wife, Qing (pronounced Ching) is Chinese so I wasn't missing out on a genuine DimSum experience. It was my first meal for 5 months to the day and I enjoyed every mouthful! I didn't go mad - it wasn't a full on banquet or anything and I stopped as soon as I felt full. I didn't really fancy the fried stuff so stuck to the steamed dumplings but they were gorgeous and it was really good fun.

After that we just walked around, stopped for beers and shopping, enjoyed a music festival and caught up with Richard's news. D and Rich finished off the day with a kebab in a Greek restaurant but I resisted. Although I had a mouthful of anything exotic I think I made more good choices than bad so the food thing seems well under control. I did feel more hungry though, possibly because of eating in the morning.

Oooh, almost forgot - we went on an architecture walking tour for 45 mins or so to see some of the amazing new stuff sprouting up in Toronto - was pretty good so we've even had some culture!

Today was just us. Started with some serious shopping for shades and shoes for D and I got myself some really cute little pink trainery type shoes and some white framed shades - I'm getting a bit girly these days...

Then over to Toronto Islands on the ferry - great views of the Cityscape from the boat. The Islands are lovely - so clean and peaceful. We hired a couple of bikes and mooched all the way round - heaven. Then home and scrubbed up and we're jst aout to go out for our 13th wedding anniversary meal at the top of the CN Tower! It was D's idea and I can't wait. I had better go because we're leaving soon.

Hope you're all well and will check in soon.


Mrs said...

Hello hello

Happy Anniversary in the land of the maple (leaf)!!

You sound fantastic - in control, enjoying it all and just, well, breezy and happy!

Can you believe you went out for a jog? When I read that, I thought, wow, she really is doing/living this whole exercise IS part of my life! That's awesome.I know you did in Eastern Europe but something about jogging across the Atlantic...well, it sounds more impressive! Having been on holiday, I think you've got the right mix - tasting things you know you can't get at home. I would stick to that otherwise it will be harder. But, but, but you sound v.good! And in charge.

Don't forget jet lag will make you more tired and more hungry.

Happy Anniversary to you both. Wishing you much love and a very Happy Holiday!

Big kiss

Mrs L xxxxxx

Sandra said...

You're so good! I couldn't resist the plane food - as soon as they annunced dinner was coming around and the plane filled with the smell of it, I was eating. What surprised me is that it satisfied me. Usually I would have had other snacks to eat en route for the non-meal times.

I also went for a jog on my holiday but I only managed it once and then found myself too busy.

Anyway - good for you! Hope your anniversary meal went well.

anita said...

Happy Anniversary - Sounds like you are having a great time. We went to Toronto about 5 1/2 years ago, we had lunch in the CN Tower and visited Niagara Falls where Matt proposed during a helicoptor ride over the falls. We had a great time and would love to go back.

I hope you really enjoy everything you eat, you've done so well to get where you are and I hope I can do as well when I ahve my holiday at the end of July.

Anita xx

chrismars said...

I hope your enjoyed your anniversary meal and congratulations to you both on 13 years of wedded bliss.

Now you've eaten, Lesley, you'll be out of ketosis. It IS hard to get back in and especially so when your on holiday. Don't beat yourself up about it, my dear. Just have a lovely holiday and make sensible choices......other than one or two 'experiences'.

Look forward to hearing more updates.

Chris x

Cream Crackered said...

Have a wonderful, well deserved holiday and Anniversary! Am sure tonights dinner will be truly special, just need to remember to be equally as excited about hubby as you do about dinner!

Have been a silent follower of your blog for an incredibly long time. As a fellow lighter lifer, it has truly given me strength and inspiration. Have just finished my 100 days and am four stone lighter ... two stone to go. Can't wait to get to the end now but am determined not to bail out early... Haven't embarked on exercise yet but have decided the time has come to try and give those bingo wings a little helping hand (they desperately need Red Bull!). Will be dusting off those trainers in the morning ... mmm, hope they're not too big!

Have a wonderful time and THANK YOU!


Claire Silverton soon to be Mrs Elliott said...

My goodness what a lot had happened in the last couple of weeks, sorry I've not been commenting. No excuse other than busy,, but hey who isn't. Anyway congratulations on the loss. You have got to be on the front page of their magazine when you get to goal!!

Happy Anniversary..

Claire :o)

Melanie said...

You sound like you're having a great time, and a very Happy Wedding Aniversary!

You are so controlled with food I really admire your determination, it must be so strange tasting different flavours after so long. I bet it makes you appreciate food in a completely different way than before.

You make sure you enjoy it, keep having a wonderful time.

Mel x

Guinea said...

I hope you're having a great time on your holidays. I think Chinese would be a bit risky for me to start with so well done on keeping it sensible.

All the best.

Cath said...

Awww Happy Anniversary - I hope you had a lovely time.

Well done on sticking to it on the journey, it's a long time to be on a plane.

Good on you for jogging too - all those new places to see and find.

Very controlled with your meal which was good, sounds like a beautiful meal and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Happy holidays!


Karen said...

Enjoy your holiday hun. You seem to be able to keep yourself in check so easily. You really should be very proud of yourself!

Have fun!
Karen x

RB xx said...

Sounds like one great holiday so far! You're really living life to the full, although I kind of suspect you would have done that even if you hadn't shed 4 million stone, having got to know the kind of person you are from your blogs!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! the top of the CN Tower! What an old romantic that husband of yours can be.
Am very glad you're enjoying some real food at last - it must feel very strange, although I'm sure it's not too difficult to get used to again.... :(
Look at all the interest and support in your life you have generated! You're something of a LL Idol because you ooze inspiration and are a real life success story!
Continue having a great holiday and check in again soon to tell us all about it!

Aimeerebecca said...

Hi Lesley
It sounds like you're having a wonderful holiday :D I can't wait to see your pictures. I went to Canada a few years ago and I had the best time ever. Congratulations on your 7 stone loss its amazing! x x x x

Anonymous said...

Just checking in! Good that you're having a great time!! Keep enjoying & keep us updated when you can! We miss you!