Friday, 1 June 2007

Developing 40

Probably only Guinea will appreciate how bad that swing is!! But non-golfers may get a clue from viewing the look on my face in the final shot as I watch the ball land in the rough off to the right somewhere... Anyway, I did do some good shots in the round so I know my swing wil bed in given time but my friend only chose to record that particular swing so that's all you get today. My tummy looks reasonably flat in photo 3 though so there are some positives!!

It has been another busy day. I had to attend an emergency meeting of Cabinet at the Council which was interesting. We got what we needed which just meant even more work but at least the construction work we've started will not be unduly delayed. It's nice working directly for my "client" the Council as an in-house solicitor rather than being one step removed in private practise as I have previously been. When you're in private practise, you are far away from the job at hand and problems like this don't impinge. You're more concerned with juggling all the hundreds of files you get landed with rather than being properly aware of all the ramifications of any one job.

Now I work within the Council's Development team itself assisting with several regeneration projects around the Borough so am immersed in that work and people carrying it out. I can see the day to day realities of the development and regeneration we're trying to put together. Much more interesting, challenging and hands on.

I met up with a colleague from another departmentr who I haven't seen for a few months this afternoon. Hhe's one of those really prissy, uptight sort of guys. His manner is really irritating even though I think he's actually not a bad sort. I could see that he wanted to say something about my appearance but either didn't know what to say or wasn't sure if he should comment. I watched him wrestle with the problem for a while before he eventually asked me if I'd changed my hairstyle!! No - I really haven't. He eventually said - "But you have lost a bit of weight haven't you??" I nearly cheered. It was great that such a buttoned up PC sort of bloke felt he had to say something. Made him a bit human. I know we'll be back to square one next time we meet (I've had breakthroughs with him before to no avail) but at least I'll know that there's a normal nice guy under there somewhere!

As you can see from the photos, I played golf this sunny evening with Sammy. Just a practise round, nothing important. It was lovely and peaceful. We almost had the course to ourselves which was gorgeous. Millionaires' golf they call it. I used the evening to try out all sorts of new things. Didn't score well but that wasn't the point.

I felt so guilty about not taking the dog for a walk though that I had to go out again with her as soon as I got in, after a full round of golf! As I left to play golf she sat in the window barking and looking distraught that I wasn't taking her out on such a sunny evening - tore at my heart strings I can tell you. Spoilt little minx that she is.

So - that's me up-to date. I've been good foodwise. Have been hungry when I get home in the evenings but have managed to avoid snacking or hunting round for food. Golf was a great distraction this evening. I'm generally fine later on in the evening, it's when I first walk through the door that I go into Hungry mode and want to hunt thorugh the house for edibles. Not that there are many!! Got to watch that.

I'm going to parents for the day tomorrow to do some shopping in Lincoln and just to catch up with my mother who I haven't seen for a while. Their house will be full of food so will have to watch that too. I'm going to go for a long run over the flat Lincolnshire countryside (can't wait - 8 miles and no hills!!) so maybe that will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Have a great Saturday and I'll post again Sunday. Night night all.


Guinea said...

The last two shots of your swing look great. Feet pointing in the right direction and great extension. You certainly don't look like you hit like a girl :)

The first two pictures look a little untidy, but not bad at all.

At long as the club is moving corectly and you have nice timing, any swing will do. The best thing to do is practice, practice, practice.

RB xx said...

Lesley, you are an inspiration!
I have read all of your posts and been motivated, along with some encouragement from a distant cousin who's had success with LL, to join the course.
However, getting onto the course hasn't been straightforward at all so I've decided to try a different way for the time being.
It would be great if you could pop by my blog sometime and maybe inspire me as you have done without knowing it recently!

Well done again on almost achieving a 7 stone loss! How amazing is that?!!!

nathie2481 said...

Hiya from Luxembourg!
I stumbled upon your blog over Dietgirls' comments page... And i must say your swing does not look at all that bad i think, and as guinea said you don't really look like you're hitting like a girl, just like me actually. I tend to play like a guy, hitting that ball miles away (into the woods) like there's no tomorrow. Anyway have been reading a few of your posts and you're quite an inspiration, will drop by regularly in future :) take care

Melanie said...

Hi Lesley,

I know naff all about golf, so to me those pics look like a swing Tiger Woods would be proud of, and a very determined look on your face too!

Have a lovely time visiting your Mum, at least the weather has picked up nicely for your run.

Mel x

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

Not a reasonably flat tum, a very flat tum. To the untarined eye you look good on the golf course, complete with clothes too.

I'm glad you mangaged to hang in there for a compliment from mr PC. It was a positive stroke worth waiting for in the end.

Take Care

Sam xx

katie785 said...

Not a golf girl at all so I say never mind the swing and look how flat your tummy is!!!
You really look fantastic!xx