Sunday, 3 June 2007

Developing 41 - sunny Saturday shopping!

I was up early to get across to my parents' near Lincoln at a decent time. I love that I don't ever have hangovers these days and feel so bright and breezy in the mornings. As I got nearer to Lincoln the dog started getting more and more excited. When we were about 5 or 6 miles from their house she sat up in the front seat (I had the roof down so everyone in nearby houses could see and hear her) and she started howling like a wolf! Really low and mournful - she knew she was getting close to them and was just so excited she couldn't restrain herself - she loves them sooo much!

When we finally turned into the village lane with about 2 miles to go she was yipping, whining and squealing and the volume increased with every yard until, once in the driveway, she was just about deafening me. It's hilarious. I love watching it and love watching her greet my Dad in particular - they just go crazy for each other. I swear he barely notices me for the first 5 minutes while he's tickling her tum and she's wriggling around him. It must be what new parents feel like when they bring their children to visit the grandparents - er, Hellooo - we're here too....

Anyway - secure in the knowledge that Shelagh could not be happier, I set off into town by myself. I knew my Mum would slow me down in what was to become a mammoth shopping session. I was a woman on a mission. I wanted a definitive holiday "Capsule Wardrobe" like all the magazines say you should have!! I have never had such a thing or even anything approaching one but I knew that that was my goal.... Do or Die...

And I got it! Next, Dotty P's and M&S came up trumps. I purchased: 2 long skirts in white and aqua (to be dressed up or down); white cropped trousers; black cropped trousers; cropped jeans, 4 t-shirts of varying smartness (which all just about go with each other); a pair of white heeled espadrilles; and a pair of white and green trendy trainers. Not only does everything go with everything else, it also goes with the few items I can get into in my existing wardrobe. I am a shopper Par Excellence!

What a blast. I just need a white belt and big white handbag and I'm done. Then I can start on the dull stuff like new suitcases and potions and lotions etc. And maybe a few little treats for D as I've been so extravagant on myself!!

Mum and Dad were suitably impressed by the post shopping fashion show too - cue much ooohing and aaaahing and "how much did that cost?"!! Well, they're parents - what do you expect!!

While they were having supper I took Shelagh for a long run in the coolness of the evening. I've not been running round there for over a decade and even then couldn't go very far so I wasn't sure which route to take. In the end I managed well over 6 or 7 miles and loved it. Lincolnshire is so lovely and flat compared to the Peak District! I felt I could have gone on forever. What hills there are are gentle inclines rather than hellish slogs and the views are so open. The dog was chasing rabbits at every field entrance and had a great time running after the low flying swallows too. It was simply beautiful. The wide open spaces and peaceful yellow stone and redbrick villages of my home county really talk to me in a way that the moors and hills and gritstone vilages of Derbyshire don't, even though I have come to love them too.

We had a nice sit out in the garden which is gorgeous at this time of year and then Dad and I wandered down to the pub for a few (waters...) and a good long chat. A really gorgeous day. Hope you all had a good day too.

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Cath said...

Sounds like you've had a good few days ... and you look great in your golf shot - though I can't comment on the shot itself.

Shelagh got a big 'ahhh' from me when I was reading todays post - really really cute.

Your days shopping sounds very good - a good practical wardrobe going on there, your clothes sound lovely.... I had a good day shop today too though have bought a couple of bits I have to take back.

What date do you go to Canada?