Sunday, 3 June 2007

Day 42 - LL evangelical

Got up at crack of dawn to finish my French homework - yes, although I had done most of it in the sun on Saturday, I had still left some for the morning - will I ever be "adult" about homework?! Then set off to the lesson at about 8.30am - on a Sunday morning! It's so quiet at that time - all those hangovers sleeping it off. got halfay there and she cancelled. I know she had a friend staying so suspect she had a drink related illness but I'm not worried, it meant I had a bit more of the day to myself.

I went over to Lyme Park (a NT property) to meet an old friend from trainee solicitor days in London, Paul, and his wife and son, Lisa and Thomas. We had a lovely time walking, picnicing and just generally catching up. I haven't seen them since before Christmas so they were very surprised by the weight loss and very positive.

As you can see, Paul is a big lad and has recently put on a bit more. He has a high stress job in the law; doesn't do any exercise; drinks for work (to excess); and smokes. Not a good combination.

Lisa is worried about him and kept asking me to talk about LL and to see if I could nudge him into it. He's a good enough friend that I could be pretty honest with him and tell him straight that he needs to sort something out but you can't push someone to do a diet like LL. I just planted some seeds, explained how he could survive it and how fast it would be for him if he committed to it and hopefully he'll take the bait.

He's an extreme character like me and doesn't have an off switch when it comes to partying so I think LL would do him good. He needs to learn that he can do all the marketing lunches and sporting events without drinking like a fish. It'll be the death of him otherwise!

Anyway, it's all very well for me to say that now, but I'm conscious that I'm just a newbie in the field of staying healthy - hopefully I can heed my own words for the next few years and beyond.

It was a lovely afternoon and I finished it off with another run with Kate. A bit more grueling than yesterday's but good nonetheless.

Now a mindless evening in front of the telly sounds in order. The holiday and buying the cottage chores will start to kick in tomorrow so this could be my last quiet night.

Have a good'un everyone.

PS -I'm wearing part of my new capsule wardrobe in the piccies - Paul said I loked "French"!! It can't be starting already, surely...?


Ameythist said...

Wow look at you - skinny lady - betcha you feel wonderful

lizzie said...

Hi Lesley, you look great. Small world isn't it. I know Lyme Park well. It's like a ten to fifteen minute drive from where I live :)

You look so well and happy. It's lovely to see.


Anonymous said...

Oooh look at you Mrs Skinny!! Looking fab!! Realised from previous comment that you didnt delite comment - someone delited their own! Was worried that it was mine gone (A couple of my comments seem to have vanished!) and hoped I hadnt said anything to upset you!! Sorry, being paranoid! Shopping trip sounds fab and love the outfit! Keep up the good work!

chrismars said...

Yes, very French, Lesley. Start as you mean to go on!

Sounds as though you've had a good few days.

And the baby suits you!

Chris x

Lesley said...

I knew you'd notice the baby accessory I'd got going on there Chris - can always rely on you and Cath!! Yes, he was a nice little chap and very well behaved. I may order one like that, perhaps with dark hair to match mine....!!!

Lesley x

SoonBeSlim... It's True! said...

You look lovely and now an expert in capsule wardrobe staples. Will be seeking your advice when my holiday finally comes round. I tend to pack everything which fits, and doesn't!

I wonder if he will take the LL bait. As a fellow he would be at goal within days.

Off to bed now with last pack and a new magazine.

Sam xx

anita said...

You look great in your new clothes, I'm now just completing day 4 and have been surprised at how easy it has been it's now after 10 and I have only just had my last shake- not been at all hungry today. I'm looking forward to looking as good as you do -truly inspiring.

Cath said...

You're looking good there - really slim and very happy. I think you need to put some old and very recent photos on a page together so that the difference in you can be oohed and ahhhed over.

You and Thomas make a gorgeous couple, I for one am looking forward to your order for one of those going in, you really do look a natural.

Good on you for telling Paul about LL - give him something to think about, hope he gets his weight sorted one way or another.


Sandra said...

I have also been talking to a mate about LL. She has struggled on WW and only has 3.5 stone to lose. I told her if she used LL it would be off by the end of September although I also cautioned that it's not for everyone. I hope she does it though. It is tough but it's quick and it works.

You are looking fabulous BTW.

Mrs said...

Blimey! A few days out of action and LOOK what happens!

Fabby pics, BTW - you look radiant! And with a babe in arms and a French ensemble...could this be a taste of what's to come?

Thank you for lovely comments over the weekend; really appreciated those.

Good luck tomorrow with the cottage.

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxxxxxxxxxxx