Thursday, 7 June 2007

Developing 45 and 46 - Weigh in time

Yay!! I made it - I lost 7 stone before going to Canada. Only managed 2lbs off this week but that is fine - it was my fifth week and I always have a dip in the fifth week, must be TOTM. 2lbs is respectable.
Our class was madness - far too many of us, at least 15 or more so all we did was sit around and chat while our LLC weighed us and gave us our packs. She either needs an assistant or to do more classes. Made me think though Ameythist - you could definitely be squeezed in but would you get any counselling? I certainly didn't last night!
Well, that's not quite right - I gleaned some good attitude adjustments from a couple of the women who have been coming for a long time - I was asking about how, when you've had a nibbley week (which I have), you can turn it around. They didn't say anything magic but, whatever they said it certainly helped me and I wasn't tempted last night or today - or, if I was, I resisted sucessfully.
It was basically this - I thought about why I was doing the diet - what I really want and the fact that the only person I'm cheating by nibbling is myself - it doesn't matter if no-one else sees me do it - I'm cheating myself! Those very trite statement seemed to help and I'm taking the no-nibbling rule day by day.
Hopefully that'll help in Canada too. I really want to lose weight while I'm over there and not sabotage my diet - I'm tired of it and don't want to make it drag on for any longer than it has to. I've made a bet with 2 colleagues that I will lose 7lbs before my next weigh in in 4 weeks time. I think that is a reasonable hope. If I don't, I have to buy them pie and peas in the pub opposite the office and watch them eat it. If I do though, they have to forego their usual lunch and eat a LL shake or soup of my choosing!!! So, what's it to be - Vegetable, Thai Chilli, Nut Crunch bar, Caramel shake? None of them are that bad but Steve is a real carb addict and will struggle all day on a little soup or shake alone!! Not a bad bet eh? I will try and remember it in CA when I'm tempted to tuck into somthing.

Thinking about how busy the class was though, I may go to the Saturday morning class for a few weeks once I get back from Canada until we thin out in this one and a few people go into Maintenance. I think it must be the post-Christmas bulge working its way through the system.
I couldn't post last night as I was stuck in buying cottage legal hell! Spent nearly 2 hours completing questionnaires and finding information and copying stuff to send to the solicitor and the mortgage broker. It's all done now though and D has signed on the dotted line so we're all systems go. He even gets to see the cottage tomorrow so I hope he likes it!! He says he's just going to be nosy!
Work was nightmarish today too - getting ready to be away for 3 weeks is hard. You can't leave stuff undone as you can for a shorter break. Also, as I'm not in the legal department I don't have any other solicitor colleagues so struggle to find people to cover for me. I'm just about there though after working late this evening. One more day and I'm outta there!! Then, they'll appreciate me!!!
D got off the rig safely and got home this evening so I had a couple in the local with him. I left him there while I got on with chores but am about to pick him up now. He said he could tell I'd lost more in the fortnight since he's been away so that was nice.
Have a good evening. Only 2 more sleeps to go 'til me hols....
I've just been to pick up D and he's staggered off to bed 'cos he's knackered from the rig and working nights. But before he went to bed, he came through to give me a hug and he said something like "Look at you're so small. It's amazing, I'm lost for words, it's wicked". I think he even had a tear in his eye....that could have been because he's tired out though...
I think I get how much it means to him and how impressed he is now. It's wicked...


Cath said...

HURRAYYYY! Bloody brilliant news - 7 stone is fantastic, just amazing --- you're a whole new you!

I bet you've not stopped smiling every time you've thought about it, I'm really made up for you and as proud as hell of you - well done.

It's good that your conversation with the other women has 'clicked', hopefully this will be what you need to keep you from nibble'dom. You'll do much better with the nibbles on holiday as you'll be so busy, having so much fun and you'll have D there with you.

Bet you are so excited about going - I wish I was finishing work tomorrow too --- I'm finishing at lunchtime on Tuesday and I cannot wait.

Glad to hear you've got D home with you now, hope all goes well when he sees the cottage tomorrow, I'm sure he'll love it.

Re your colleagues - I'm sure you'll lose weight and I'd make them eat vegetable, it's hell!

Enjoy your pre holiday chaos.


anita said...

How fantastic to have reached this weight loss before your holiday. It should keep you well focussed during your holiday. Have a great time and thanks for your comments and support over the last few days.


RB xx said...

Wow wee! 7 stones, eh? That's just soooooo incredible! It's great that you're a real live person too and not just someone in a magazine (although obviously they're real and live too, but they just seem so less human than you). It makes it seem that little bit more achievable for the rest of us.

Cripes, can you imagine the difference between a Canada trip weighing over 19stone and weighing 12 stone?! It's going to be fab!
And just a few days to go too. You're life seems to be going good, girl!

2lbs is a good weight loss, but it's an even better number because it brings your overall loss to a nice whole number and ties up any loose ends before you go away which suits us anally retentive people just right!

I'm going to miss your support for the next few weeks! Hopefully, we'll both be able to report good losses when you come back though.
If you don't have time to post before you go, have a great time being a slim person on vacation and good luck with the 7lb loss aim.

Mrs said...


Let me tell you there was more than a tear in MY eye when I read your last post!!!!

I am sitting in our house - on a pile of blankets - with no lights and no heating but I have wireless (got my priorities right!).

Seven stone is AWESOME!! It's incredible! You have done amazingly well and I am really proud of you. Sending YOU a big hug right now and a big kiss. I can imagine the moment with D was super special, too. What a great start to your Canadian adventure.

Definitely agree with the "why am I doing it" comment to combat the nibbling. I reckon Canada will have you fired up and ready to nail this diet when you come home. You really are on the home stretch.

Do you realise you have lost a whole Victoria Beckham?!?!?!?! How cool is that?


Bon voyage my lovely LL friend and look forward to reading some Canadian tales....

Big kiss.

Mrs L xxxxx

PS have you got your flight letter and flight strategy sorted?

Lesley said...

Thanks everyone and love it Mrs!!

I've lost a whole Victoria Beckham!! Or, a whole Nicole Ritchie AND her handbag!!! Great units of weight but not metric I'm afraid so the EU would take me to Court for using them.....

In fact, none of us are metric - we'll have to convert to kilos and then none of us'lll have any idea how we're doing....

"Yay, I've lost 44.5kg" just doesn't have the same ring does it?

Sandra said...

Congratulations! 7 stone in about 5 months is amazing isn't it?

I've also been in a nibbly mood recently and I've gone back to having the odd skinny capp at Starbucks instead of black coffee. Mind you - I do think the no milk rule is a rule for rules sake. But I'm having a concerted effort at stopping the nibbles. I wasn't in ketosis at weigh in and that's a concern. I still lost 5 lbs but I know that's simply dropping cals again since getting back from holiday and I can't be complacent.

It's our groups last week next week - not 100 days for me though as I'm a week behind the others. Still with 4 lbs off I can reach that magical 3 stone and I definitely want to do that.

Have a lovely time in Canada, Lesley. But do better than me re: staying on the plan!


Cath said...

Hi Lesley

Just about to head off to London to see GM tonight --- just wanted to wish you a lovely trip before you go..... hope it's the holiday of a lifetime - you deserve it x


chrismars said...

I know I've missed you and you've already gone, Lesley, but so well done on the 7 stone, my dear. Absolutely fantastic!

Have a great holiday, and post some awesome (more US than Canada, but, hey) photos to keep us envious.

Chris xx