Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Developing 44 - Working from home blues...

I worked from home today as I was meant to have a meeting in Manchester in the afternoon. As it happened the meeting was cancelled and replaced by a lengthy phone call which should have been good but left me strangely flat. I think it was because I was in the house for a long period and it was lovely outside, but I felt a bit droopy and down by this evening. Also, I knew I had to sit down and do a load of mortage and legal paperwork for the cottage purchase this evening so, even after I finished work I still had to stay at the computer. Got very bored to be honest.

That said it hasn't been all bad. I went to training at 7.45am and Huw is back to being "the Lovely". Felt really good and have proof that I'm improving in leaps and bounds. We did an exercise which I could barely do a few weeks ago - kept on falling off the ball and he had to steady it for me even to manage 5 or 6 reps. This evening I did 15 without any help and they were spot on and totally controlled. So, I must be getting stronger and fitter.

At lunchtime I went for a nice walk along the river with Shelagh and had a coffee with a chap I know who runs a framing shop/cafe in Hope. That was pleasant.

And, after work I managed a hour or so of gardening to try and ready the garden for being neglected for 3 weeks while we're in Canada.

So, looking back, I've had a pretty good day - certainly more outdoorsy than I would have been if I'd had to drive to Rotherham or take the train to Manchester - so why have I been such a grumpy guts this evening??

Don't know - I'm a spoilt brat - snap out of it Lesley!

Anyway, I've broken the back of the mortgage stuff, a couple of things to check tomorrow and it can all go off to the broker. I just don't like being on the other side of all this legal business - it's all very well when I'm dishing it out but I can't take it....

Thanks for all your lovely comments re the pictures. I do feel like a different person - I feel that losing the blubber has brought out the real me - I'm ready for adventures now - Canada, France, maybe a trip to Korea on the horizon. It's all go and I can't wait. I was looking at houses in Auvergne on the internet this evening to remind myself why I was putting myself through the hell of the legal was pretty inspiring. That lovely outdoorsy life: markets, animals, skiing, golf, gardening, travelling. There is a great goal to aim for - I must keep sight of that when I start to whinge like a child.


Cath said...

Yep, working from home is all well and good but it's not half isolating. I sometimes feel like that when I do it, just feel kind of lost, the day can drag on and get nowhere --- and other times it's just great and I wish I could do it more often ..... in fact I wish I could do it tomorrow when I've got a hell of a long ICT meeting to go to - bliss!

'You and Huw' are becoming a right team now - he's got you in the right spot .... working hard, enjoying it and seeing a difference in yourself - the lads a good un.

Now I want you to stop being grumpy - sit back, close your eyes, see the lovely slim you with D wandering round Canada, see you both meandering (does anyone actually meander?) through the French countryside, all nice and romantic, and see Shelagh jumping out of a French river and splashing you both just as you were about to snog! Now wake up and smile :)


Lesley said...

I'm smiling now and not grumpy at all - thanks Cath...

Hope your travelling is hassle free tomorrow.

chrismars said...

A little bit of positive thinking and a good imagination, a la Madame Cath, go a long way, don't they........

We all need an off-day occassionally - to make us appreciate the good days.

Hope you're back to your normal bubbly self by now, Lesley.

Chris x