Monday, 4 June 2007

Day 43 - Inspired by Mel (and suggested by Cath!)

There's a whole lot less chin involved nowadays and my eyes seem to open more fully even though I'm smiling just as widely. Strangely though, I'm not sure the contrast is as marked as the one between the before and afters at the top of Mel's latest post. Maybe you just don't see yourself clearly for a while.
I'm struggling to upload the photos and get them all lined up as neatly as Mel did so I'll start a new post to do the body shots.
Worked hard today and then had a seminar after work which I could have done without. So I'm a bit spaced out this evening. Off to bed soon as I've got training first thing in the morning with the Sadistic Huw...see I remembered not to call him Lovely any more!!
I must have done something else today but nothing else jumps to mind. How dull is that??
Oh yes - more shopping - I ought the suitcases and picked up a few itme for the Lovely (see he gets a promotion) Diarmuid. Hope he likes them as I'll only have one day to return them if no good. Friday could be a busy day.
D doesn't seem that bothered about Canada which is annoying as I'm really excited about it. I wonder if it's because there's a lot of my family involved? If that's the case then it's bloody annoying after all the millions of holidays I've had in Ireland with his family unable to go sightseeing 'cos he feels guilty and wants to spend every waking minute with his parents!! Hopefully that's not it and he'll show a bit more enthusiasm when he gets off the rig. Grr - I've wound myself up now.. daft cow...


Cath said...

I'm glad you've posted them and I can see a big difference. Your eyes do seem more open as there's less around them and you look fresher and younger --- really good comparisons.

D is probably not so excited because for the moment he's still on the rig - it would be different if he was at home with you, he'd def be in the mood then.

Hope you and Huw (poetic) have a lovely fun time in the morning .... ouch ouch ouch!

I chose suitcases yesterday at Cheshire Oaks, couldn't buy them though as neither Ste or I could remember what the limits were for going to America so Ste is going to go one morning this week and pick them up.


chrismars said...

You are daft, aren't you. Don't worry about D not getting excited - you know what men are like. They wouldn't know an emotion if it jumped up and bit them on the bum.

Getting close now!!!

Chris x

Melanie said...

Wow...the difference is fabarooney! (as the tweenies would say) lol

Look at your cheeks, now they are nice delicate little cheeks, one similarity with my facial ones is the undereyes, they don't have the little pockets of podge anymore, which makes the eyes look so much bigger and sparklier.

But the difference which stands out for me is the smile, on all the photo's compare before and after, and the smile is so much wider, so much more confident, your new found happiness in your own skin really shows.

Good on you, you look great.

Mel x

Sandra said...

You definitely look younger. Wow! And you look happy from the inside. A kind of glow.