Saturday, 9 June 2007

Developing 47 and 48

And we're off. just a few last minute things to do and the taxi is picking us up in a couple of hours. Can't wait. D seems to be getting into the swing of it too!!

Yesterday was a nightmare getting ready at work but once I walked through the doors at 6pm on the dot (which must be a record early departure for me before a holiday!) I began to relax and now I'm nearly there.

I'll try and check in while I'm away to let you know how I'm getting on and see what you're up to too.

In the meantime:

Cath - enjoy George Michael - I wish I'd got tickets to see him, he's great. And have a wonderful time in Poland.

Mel - good luck with the job interview.

Becky - hope it's all going well. Get a blog up and running - it'd be hilarious!!

Mrs - stay sane - you can do it!!

Everyone else - sorry if I've forgotten something big but have a great time.

Lesley xx


Ameythist said...

Hi Lesley Have a brilliant time you will be well on your way now - I lost 4lb so my total was 48 in 85 days as my class finished today - We are going t work something out re my development....
I have deleted my blog but I will keep in touch with everyone - I still have everyone bookmarked :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww have a fab holiday and what a lovely moment with D on the losses! V. special even if he was tired etc! Hope you manage to peek i while away but if not look forward to getting all the news when you get back! Keep it up!

chrismars said...

Oh, Ametheyist. So sorry you've gone. It would have been great for you to have kept in touch and to hear how you manage from now on.

Chris x

PS: hope you don't mind me using your blog for that, Lesley, but Ameythist's already gone and I wanted to say goodbye.....

RB xx said...

Have a Super Duper Holiday in Canada. Should be great fun, even if you probably won't try their renound pancakes with real maple syrup..... :)There's loads of other amazing things to experience that are non food related, so you'll be hunky dory.
Who's looking after wee Shelagh when you're away? Are you going to bring her back a present? That's the kind of sad but true thing that I'd do if I left Hamish....
Well, speak to you in a few weeks probably, or if you have got time to pop in while you're away that would be great!
p.s. are you going to look into becomming a counsellor when you hit target?? You really should as you're so honest and open and motivational and would be perfect!RB xx

Melanie said...

Have a wicked time Lesley, I can't believe how quickly your holiday has come round, when you first told us about it it seemed months and months away, and now you're off!

Can't wait to see the pics when you get back, enjoy yourself xx