Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunshine is sooooo great!

After all this rain it has been a pleasure to get out of the house this afternoon and play golf again. I had a decent round, not as good as last Sunday but there was a brisk wind which didn't help. Lovely fresh air and sunshine with gorgeous views. What's not to like?

I had a severe case of cabin fever yesterday so on a whim, decided to drive down to London for the Sheffield Wednesday against QPR match!! I know - a bit of a nutter. I managed to persuade my friend Nicola (a former Owl who now lives in Middlesex) to come too although it was last minute; I didn't know whether she'd make it as I was driving down and I'd decided to go to the game come what may! Also I have another friend from my trainee days who now lives in Shepherds Bush so I arranged to meet her for lunch before the game. Haven't seen her for ages but it was short and sweet as her son is not well so she couldn't spare much time off. I had hoped to stay with her overnight actually but saw which way the wind was blowing there and decided to drive back!!

You know when someone is saying one thing but would actually prefer the exact opposite?!!

Anyway, I didn't fancy staying at Nicola's either as she lives miles away and she would be getting up at crack of dawn to go to rowing training! So, all in all a rapid fire dash into London and out was fine and although the drive was quite long and tiring it wasn't too bad.

The game was pretty dire - we managed an equaliser in the last 20 minutes though so scraped a point.....phew! I also saw an unsavoury side to the game which I've never previously seen - some Wednesday fans (I'm ashamed to say) came in and sat close by us and started with racist chanting. Actually, when I think about it, they might not have been Wednesday as they had London accents. There were 4 of them - proper BNP thugs types. It was horrible; everyone around us was really uncomfortable - lots of couples, kids, women, so no-one wanted to challenge them as they looked nasty pieces of work.

Anyway, everyone was shifting away from them so far as possible and then they unfurled a banner over the side of the balcony (we were sitting on the upper tier). No idea what it said but I bet it wasn't good - and within minutes they were surrounded by big, burly (and mostly black) stewards and ejected. Hooorah! I wish they'd called the police though as then these vile idiots would have got banning orders instead of just missing the game (which they weren't interested in anyway).

I absolutely hate that my beloved football gets hijacked by these horrible horrible people. It was heartening how little support they got though and how many people congratulated the stewards for ejecting them.

Anyway, I suppose I'd better report how I'm doing on Bootcamp2010 - stuck on 13.5lbs!! I'm hopeful that I'll get my stone off before Wednesday which is the 3 week mark. Very happy with this progress and feeling much slimmer and fitter.


Ameythist said...

Hey Lesley, just catching up on your blog, well done you for getting in to the swing of things! Happy Easter Love Am xx

Amber said...

I know! Easter brought back the sunshine didn't it?? It was awesome.. I kept popping out to soak it up all way through.. :) x