Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy despite the weather!

Yes I was 6 stone heavier in this pic than I am now but I was happy then too!!

Just got on the scale to see another decent drop! I've now lost 13lbs!! It's raining and I've got loads of chores to be doing, half of which involve being outside but I don't care. I FEEL slimmer now.

What an incentive it is when you start to really see your progress.

At this rate, I might be back down to where I was when we stopped filming last summer!!

How weird to be so happy about re-tracing old ground. But I am, becuase I'm doing it through healthy eating, exercise, controlling my chimp and having fun. Better than LL and gives me hope that I'll be able to control my weight in the future, surely the Holy Grail??!

Anyway, will stop gushing now but had to record this bubble of excitement.


Amber said...

Hee hee what a funny pic!

Happy Easter! :)


rachel said...

Well done! It's a lifelong battle, though, isn't it... Happy Easter!