Friday, 23 April 2010

The Blues

Happy St Georges Day everyone!!

I was feeling really chirpy and productive today. Went shopping at lunchtime and actuallybought a Maxi Dress! It looks great on but I have not the foggiest idea when or how I'm going to wear it. So that's by way of illustration of how happy I was feeling.

Then this evening my good mood just died. Mostly D related. Nothing big or nasty or anything; no row or fight. Just a series of small disappointments leaving me down and sorrowful. I wish we had had a row; at least I'd be angry now. This is horrible.

But - I'm remembering what Steve Peters used to say this time last year about my chimp etc. I can CHOOSE my mood. She may offer me down and sorrowful and it may be seductively attractive to take that option and have a good weep and generally mope around all evening. But really, deep down inside, that's not what I want! What I want is to cheer up, go out and have a good time. If D chooses to join me in this venture then great, if not and it all stays grumpy then at least I haven't given in to the gloom.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Also - I'm pleased to report that I didn't eat more as a result of this gloom - I actually ate less! I had a small pork chop, a couple of mushrooms and some veg but no spuds or anything else bad. Go me!

Have not managed to do any exercise today for various reasons but have all day free tomorrow and I will definitely get out and about in what is forecast to be the last day of the good weather around here at least.

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks for listening - I'm feeling happier already!


Claire said...

Always here to listen babes. xxx

Peridot said...

Well done - it's so hard to pull yourself out of that mood. And hard not to feed it (with food I mean!) too. But your chimp is WRONG! You're naturally an optimistic, sunny person - she should know that by now.

Btw, on MBTs - I definitely only wear them on smooth surfaces. Not sure if they work - my legs ache more but my legs are not transformed to things of beauty unfortunately!

Peridot x

Peridot said...
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Milly said...

I am pleased to hear you managed to get yourself turned round without resorting to food, always a danger time! Hope you are feeling better.

Nona said...

Is that the Maxi dress above???? You look FAB!!!