Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Slightly more human now

It was a long old journey yesterday. I have a wicked cough and sore throat and we had to take the slow ferry because we're towing a trailer so it took forever. We set off at 7.45am and got in 12 hours later. It's not a bad trip but just takes a long time which, when your throat hurts and you have grouchy dogs to cope with, is tough.

So, I had a bit of a pity party for me yesterday but I feel a lot happier now that I've had a good night's rest and more importantly, a shower!! The weather is amazing here - gorgeous blue sky and sunshine and very warm. Trouble is, we're not out and about exercising our little legs off. Oh no! It's hanging around the homestead time. D and his Dad playing with the quad bike and me chaffing with his ma. It's lovely but after a few hours of it I start to go stir crazy!! The sunnier the weather, the worse it is!!

This morning was genuinely hilarious though. Once D and his dad had got the quad going, they attached to it a little trailer D's dad had made with an old car seat wlded into the back. Then they loaded up D's brother Patrick into the said seat and set up round the top field. As you can see, not exactly H&S approved but Patrick LOVED it! He's mentally and physically handicapped (no idea if this is the currently approved terminology) but has always adored tractors, diggers and machinery of any sort. So his idea of heaven is pelting round the top field with D and the rest of the family in tow.

After Paddy, we all had a go including me and Nellie and much fun. Trouble is, then the boys start working out how to "improve" the quad so then the fun stops, they get all obsessed with gears, oil etc and that's me left trailing round the fields with the dogs hankering for proper exercise.

If I knew I wasn't going to get it, I could just say, right, I'm off out on my mountain bike but then there's lunch and then there's a plan to go to the beach, which probably won't happen, so I hang around getting more and more irritated and feeling like I'm wasting the lovely sunshine.

God - I sound like such a miserable cow! Truly, I love my inlaws and everything but it is a very frustrating "holiday" for me. So, rather than nagging D and upsetting everyone, I'm venting my feelings here, safe in the knowledge that you lot won't judge me ill. I know it's hard for D too - he wants to spend time with his family of course and they can't leave Paddy so he doesn't want to just desert them on our first day home.

Tomorrow maybe. Wish me luck!

Update - I was spot on. About 3pm came and now it's "too late" to go to the beach. So I got into my biking gear and went for a 2 hour mountain bike ride round the hilly country lanes, leaving the lads sanding and painting the quad. It was gorgeous, hard work, especially with a scratchy throat but beautiful scenery and great exercise. This is what I will do all week I think. Should save on stress.


Peridot said...

Er, I'm guessing you mean diggers not doggers? Or perhaps doggers isn't as rude in Ireland (or the Peaks)?!

It is frustrating not to take advantage of the lovely weather but hang in there - you have time yet.

Peridot x

Amber said...

'm glad you're feeling better and finally getting to enjoy yourself! Yay!

Peridot said...

Well done you on the bike ride!