Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 16 April 2010

Gorgeous weather

Me relenting and having a spin on the quadbike this morning. Well, I did have a few goes yesterday but no official photographer in attendance!

Minty loves nestling down into Nellie's heather, don't know why but she looks very cute!

We are having the most beautiful April you can imagine. It's hard to think that there is God knows how much volcanic ash up there in the atmosphere as the sky is as blue as forget me nots!

I'm still smothered with a cough and scratchy throat which is putting a bit of a downer on the hols for me but managing to have fun despite that. It seems to be okay during the morning and then gets gradually worse as the day progresses until I sound like some consumptive hacker by teatime!

Today was a leisurely morning; a quick spin on the quad bike (of course!); a few chores in town and then over to the beach for a walk. Hope you like the pics.
The lovely beach at Curracloe:

Shelagh is some swimmer - she times the waves and gradually works her way out until she reaches the object of her desire!

D and his ma, Nellie. A great woman, so loving and energetic.

Me and the boy D on a log - don't ask me why.
Once we walk along the beach we cut into the woods and back to the car.

Just stopping for another quick swim of course!

I'm feeling a bit fat though so need to get some more exercise tomorrow or I'll have to cut back on the food which is not an attractive option in this house of gorgeous stuff. I'm feeling a bit ropey this evening so am going to get out on the mountain bike first thing for a really long wander around while the rest of them are out on the quad and bullshitting. D's sister, Fiona and her husband Kevin are coming over this evening so there'll be plenty of people around to entertain each other in my absence!


Isabelle said...

That looks like a very wet dog! Isn't the weather lovely?

Milly said...

That sky looks amazing! Pleased you are enjoying your break & I really hope your cough goes soon!

I agree about the wet dog, I have had a great walk with mine today, took them a bit further than we usually go & they all came back with very muddy legs from jumping in every minging ditch they could find, there is an unpleasant odour of stagnant water lingering now. Never mind, it was lovely to be able to go that bit further & the weather was glorious. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Milly x