Monday, 26 April 2010

Bootcamp 2!!

I've had a couple of weeks off while on holiday in Ireland over and the end of last week but have managed not to gain more than a couple of lbs so no damage done. D is back to the rig tomorrow morning so Bootcamp 2 proper starts again tomorrow. Well, in reality it started today as I've been very good but not done any exercise so that doesn't really count.

Anyway, I have May's calendar up in the kitchen and the scales will be stepped on tomorrow morning (not that I've been avoiding them or anything but just not being scrupulous about weighing every day).

I'm being filmed for the follow up of My Big Fat Cycle Challenge on May 20th so have nearly 3 weeks to drop another few lbs. That's a pretty good target to go for I think.

We had a busy weekend - a long walk on Saturday - 7 brisk hilly miles; followed by worrying about Sheffield Wednesday against Cardiff; followed by drinking away my sorrow at the loss and our penultimate step towards relegation at the local rugby club's dinner! It was the 30th anniversary of the founding of the club and they have had an AMAZING season so it was a well attended and brilliant night out. The club has won all records, top of the league by miles, over 1000 points scored, only one loss all year - just amazing stuff. It was great to see so many young lads having a great time and being really proud of their achievements. Not to mention the old players gossiping away as if they hadn't stopped playing decades ago!

Sunday was knackering though - had to get up early to get to the Rec to set up for the Play Area launch event! About bloody time - we've been harassing the contractors for ages and it was finally finished a couple of weeks ago. It was brilliant to see the Rec swarming with kids and a couple of hundred locals. There was face painting, home made ice cream, a balloon launch, cupcakes, tea, coffee - Rck and Roll!!

I had to make a speech which was a bit of a downer but luckily it rained right in the middle so I don't think anyone was listening too closely.....

Anyway, after all that, I ducked out of the tidying up to spend a few hours with D on his last Sunday home and we went up for early doors at the pub - it was a cracking afternoon/evening - really funny and good craic. Just like old times. Eating was all over the place and a few drinks etc but a great weekend and tha's what counts really.

Back to austerity tomorrow but I'm almost looking forward to it. Will post pics of my dress soon - I was really proud of it! Have a great week everyone!!


Helenrc said...

It's really great to read your blog - I'm starting LL this week and started a blog of my own to track the journey - I found yours yesterday.
Keep up the great posts and the hard work!

Helen x

Peridot said...

Home-made ice cream! Could you resist? Did you resist?

A couple of lbs is pretty damn good - well done you and looking forward to hearing about Bootcamp #2.

Peridot x

Lesley said...

Yes I resisted Peri - the queue was too long and I was too busy!! And it was raining....

Peridot said...

You are my hero!

Peridot x

Nona said...

You don't mess about with your exercise do you? I congratulate myself when I walk to the tube and you are out there walking for 7 miles and biking up hills. Inspires me to get my butt moving.