Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day One - Bootcamp2!

This is getting confusing. Anyway - those 2 Irish lbs are dust - back to my stone off figure. Now need to crack on with the second stone for the summer!

I've been feeling really happy with my shape and thinking I could happily stick at this weight etc because it was less than I have been. Then I looked at the pics from the rugby club do - I had been so pleased with the size 16 dress but now I realise I can do better. I know I looked good and I am still pleased with my shape and toning etc but size 16 is still size 16 however I phrase it.

So the next target is now size 14, top and bottom. I'm prob already a 14 on the top in lots of places and can fit into Wallis 14s on the bottom too (yeah - I know they have vanity sizing...) but that is my next target. And after 14, who knows?

Ultimately, why should I settle for looking "pretty good" considering" when, with a bit of effort, I could be "pretty damned good"??


Claire said...

You look fantastic in that picture..but yeah why not even MORE fantastic?

Milly said...

Like Claire said, you do look fantastic in the picture, this is your walk though & you must aim for when you will be happy, not when others percieve you as ok. Keep up the good work Lesley, you are an inspiration!

Milly x

Nona said...

I agree, you look FAB now and you'll look FAB in your size 14. The only difference is where you personally want to be.