Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Partial Sucess!

I love primroses on a bank - so pretty and springlike.

The gang - MIL, Fiona, Kevin and D.

St Senans. It's a Psychiatric hospital sited just above the River Slaney. A beautiful building but about to close so it is facing an uncertain future.

That's both me and Sheffield Wednesday! I was aiming to keep up with the exercise and focus on portion control and I've done that reasonably well. It probably wasn't the best idea to be trying to cut back on a Sunday in Ireland!! Jaysus (as they say around here) they like to eat! Nellie had the dinner cooked by 2pm - roast beef with all the trimmings, pavlova, trifle and fruit cake for dessert - what can you do? I was quite restrained on the meat and only had one small spud. A very small spoonful of trifle and no other dessert - not exactly nothing but a lot better than it could have been!

Luckily I had got wind of what was in train so I managed an hour and a half on the mountain bike before lunch. I didn't go up the big hill I tackled yesterday but there are plenty of pretty tiring hills roundabout so I was well worked out.

Then after lunch we all went for a walk around the Ringwood. About an hour of hilly, wooded wander - lovely stuff and great for getting the food digested.

The trouble comes when, only a few hours after lunch (it felt like mere minutes), a massive "salad" appears on the table. I say salad but it is coleslaw, potato salad, brown bread, chips, and all manner of other goodies. If I hadn't got the lettuce, cucumber and tomato out of the fridge, there it would have stayed! As well as the ubiquitous pavlova, fruit cake, scones, apple tart etc etc. I tell you - it's a nightmare!

I managed to resist the bread and chips but a scone sneaked through.... Now feeling full AGAIN!

Must try harder tomorrow. I'm hoping that it won'd be such a trial as D's sister and husband have now left to go back to Cork so maybe tomorrow we'll be back to normal.

In between dodging calories I've been stressing about Sheffield Wednesday. My phone has been red hot with texts from fellow Wednesdayites and Facebook was lit up with the football chat. D tutting away but even he refrained from nagging as he could see how worked up I was. It was a draw. We went ahead but they equalised in the second half so only a point. My pals tell me they were "jammy bastards" but I suspect the blue and white tinted glasses may have been on!

A point is a point but we're still in the relegation zone and only have 2 more games to go. It's not looking good for us. Cardiff away next Saturday and then the massive last game at home against Crystal Palace who are our nearest rivals for relegation. I'm feeling sick already just thinking about it.


Milly said...

I don't think there is anything partial about your success, you are on holiday & you are still biking up big hills, you are doing fine girl! Time away from home is always hard, lack of routine & more temptation in our way. I know we never like to gain but I think just chilling & letting ourselves off everso slightly is all part of being normal. Someone who doesn't have weight issues would do that & not berate themselves-that is who I am trying to be, Mrs Normal-ofcourse you know I don't always feel that way! Anyway if you get chance look me up & add me on facebook (Helen Millington) picture of me with my daughter on her christening day(she is about 1 at the time)-there goes my anonymity! Enjoy the rest of your stay, Milly

Isabelle said...

Hmm... you somewhat lost me with that football talk. But I'm with you apart from that!

Nona said...

What beautiful photos!!!

Have to say the food sounded GREAT!!! I think you did very well considering and plus you got in a lot of great exercise on top of it. Well done!!!

Sorry about the footie outcome!!! Wish your team luck with avoiding relegation!!!