Thursday, 1 April 2010


Although I love the snow, I miss the lovely sunshine we had last weekend so thought I'd find some happy sunny pics to cheers myself up. This one from hiking in the Cederbergs in South Africa a couple of years ago.

King Proteas in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. Gorgeous.

Me bathed in the evening sunset on top of Signal Hill overlooking Cape Town and Robben Island there in the background. What a happy evening that was.

It's been one hell of a hard week. Work has gone mad and I've really been putting in the hours. As a result I've not been pushing Bootcamp2010 but have been so busy that I've not eaten much either. Have fallen into a nice routine and dropped a lb taking me to a total of 9 off so far.

Since my sporting weekend, I managed training on Monday night, a swim on Wednesday and training again this morning so exercise not too bad. I always said I would allow myself 1 day off per week to allow my muscles to rest so Tuesday not a blip.

I'm going to have to guard against the drinking this weekend though, especially after the week I've had. I'm wanting to sink into a scrummy vat of red wine (not a spritzer this time Peri!! - the shame....) I've not got anything in particular planned but there are several events looming - a Grease party on Saturday night, a band on at the Travellers on Sunday, the football on Monday and I was hoping to fit in a round of golf, a bike ride and a couple of walks too.

Looking out of the window though might give lie to these optimistic plans for exercise (although not to the nights out unfortuntely)! It is chucking it down with wet, icy sleet at the moment. It was thick fat flakes of snow as I drove home over the tops this evening so it's only because I'm on the valley floor that we're not snowed in!

Think golf will be a no-no; the course will be water-logged. Not sure about mountain biking, maybe could go out on the roads. Walks won't be much fun either. I suspect my emergency gym membership will come into its own. At least I'll be able to see whether I've managed to win the March Rowing Challenge anyway! And 'think' about doing the April one - 10,000m!! That is a looooong way on a rowing machine. It'll take 45 minutes or so!

Anyway, I'm rambling and ready for the pub so will break off this stream of consciousness stuff. Have a great Easter everyone and only have a little easter egg but the best one you can find!!


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Great pics again, Lesley-especially the one of you holding up the boulder with one hand!

So now it's 9 pounds? Well done on are balancing it all.

I like the thought about having one GOOD little egg...that is where my mind is going these days - if I'm going to eat a little something "extra", it should be the best I can find.

I think the best I can do here in Russia is a Lindt chocolate egg...

Happy Easter to you, and enjoy your "scrummy" wine!

Isabelle said...

Happy Easter to you too!