Saturday, 7 May 2016

In which we went to Wolverhampton

It turned out to be a bit of a dead rubber as our play off place was assured last Saturday when we beat Cardiff at home but we had tickets so off we went.  I am pretty bored by the Lighter Life routine now so ditched it for today.  Breakfast in the pub with 1 pint, and a half bottle of Prosecco for me on the coach.  To be fair, I was on diet drinks and coffee etc for the rest of the day so I didn't go mad.  The guys on the coach were most amused by the (relatively) posh drinkies!

Wolves was nice and sunny and we took a good away crowd of over 4000.  But the match itself was pretty dull.  We made 10 changes to our team resting everyone for the play off semi-final on Friday 13th (gulp) so it was no surprise when we lost 2-1.  But nice to be able to say a fond farewell to a retiring player - Jose Semedo.  He had tears in his eyes when he came over to salute us at theend of the game and so did I.  What a gorgeous, hard working, lovely bloke he is and devoted to Sheffield and Sheffield Wednesday.

Serious business.....

In other news - weigh in earlier this week.  I dropped 3 lbs last week despite having last Monday off entirely for the golf day so was pretty pleased with that.  I have now dropped 2 stone 5lbs now taking me to 15 stone 5lbs.  I feel a lot smaller and neater now!

I had told myself that this is my last week on the packs and fully intended to stick to that but my heart is just not in it.  As well as the booze, I have eaten food all day today - culminating in a takeaway curry this evening with my lovely boy.  It was pure heaven and I don't regret it.  This could be a sign that me and Lighter Life are falling out....

However, I had high hopes for dropping at least 2 and a half stone and to do that I need to stay a bit stronger than this.  Back to the packs tomorrow and back to the exercise too!

As you know I went running twice last weekend but that is the last running I've done and no swimming either.  I golfed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which is pretty good exercise but not  as fat burning as running.  And I'm golfing again tomorrow (away match against Halifax West End) which will mean that I can't go running then either.  I'm working from home on Monday so that is a must!

So, I pledge to redouble  my LL efforts so that this momentum is not lost.  I had a plan and I'm going to MAKE it work.

I think part of the problem is that this time, when my dieting motivation is waning, has coincided with this crucial time in both the golfing and the footballing seasons. We now know that we have Brighton in the play off semi finals.  Middlesbrough (ably supported by Seren's other half) have gone up in the second automatic position(and deservedly so).

We already have our tickets for the home leg on Friday and have booked a hotel for next Monday night down in Brighton so now we just have to buy tickets which will be like the proverbial rocking horse poo!!  It's tough to diet with all this going on - honest!  I'm just going to do my very best on the days in between.

Enjoy the sunshine tomorrow everyone; I will be mostly golfing. xxx

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Peridot said...

Okaaaay I have never heard of "the proverbial rocking horse poo" - am I horribly ignorant?