Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A day of 2 walks (and a round of golf)

 It was doggy haircut day so I had to get up bright and early to drive them into Sheffield.  They know where they're going and become somewhat hysterical as we arrive so I usually take them into the lovely Graves Park for a runaround before the Doom begins.  It was a stunning morning today - the light, the sunshine, the sheep and highland cattle in the fields and the tiny Jack Russell dog carrying the giant branch oh so proudly.

So I leave the girls to their private hell.  They look dolefully at me from their crate, shaking ostentatiously - don't leave us mum - but callously I do.

I then drive home, do a morning's work and head back into Sheffield at lunchtime to pick them up.  It was a glorious day so I pulled over into a layby on the moor and through a stile into this:

It is the north end of the National Trust property - Longshaw Estate.  I've walked on most parts of it over the years but missed this particular corner so it was great to check it out.  This is the view towards Carl Wark and Higger Tor (on the right in the distance).

Happy running dogs - thrilled to be released from purgatory and to be exploring somewhere new.

I tried sniffing the gorse blossom again - this lot definitely smelt coconutty!  You were right about it needing to be warmed up a bit.

We're just about to head up the hill to our left and back to the car.  It was only a quick 40 minutes or so as I had to get back to work but it was a cracking walk nonetheless and I'll be back for longer another time.

I played golf this evening as well.  It was the first round of the foursomes knockout.  I played like an idiot for the first few holes and my partner, a tiny Thai woman called Kanchana, struggled to 'carry' me.  Just as we improved our opponents' short games became miraculous.  They were bashing in putts from anywhere on the green and putting chips stupidly close.  We stood no chance.

We were 4 holes down with only 8 left to play. And then things started to pick up.  We halved a couple of holes to stop the rot and then the Golfing Goddess turned up - suddenly I couldn't miss.  We won the next 5 holes on the trot and held onto the last for VICTORY!  It was very satisfying.  Kanchana loved it.  All she had to do was not make a mistake and I popped the ball wherever we needed it.  I wish I could do that more often, it was brilliant.

Rich wished I'd played like that yesterday when we played in the Bank Holiday mixed!  Golfing Goddess was NOT present and neither or us did very well but we had a good round.  Our playing partners were interesting and fun.  The meal afterwards (which I did eat) was gorgeous.  Roast pork and all the trimmings followed by sticky toffee pudding.  Mmmm hmmmm

I fear a day of food may take its toll on my diet week.  I was looking at a 3, maybe 4lb, drop but I'm not sure if that will survive the onslaught of sticky toffee pudding!

I'm getting very bored of extreme dieting now.  1 more week and that is it!!

In other news, I feel I should apologise to the city of Leicester.  In my post last week I said I couldn't find much evidence of support for their team in the city centre.  Well, the very next day I heard on the radio how public buildings, statues and the city centre were being decked out with scarves and bunting and there was a big balloon release and loads of other activities.  They DO support their team; I was just 24 hours early!  And now, of course, they have won and everything is going mental.  I'm really pleased for them - love a good underdog story - but I'm also jealous.  Will Sheffield Wednesday ever win the Premier League title??  In my lifetime I hope.

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Peridot said...

Hurrah! You smelt the deliciously coconutty gorse!