Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lovely day

But I didn't take any pics.  I was playing golf in a match against Halifax West End GC.  After happily establishing that I can comfortably fit into shorts which I didn't wear all year last year (yay!), I met another team member at the club and we drove there together arriving at 10.15 in good time for tea and bacon butties before we went out.  (Yes, I had a bacon butty but it was only small and I had it INSTEAD of a pack, not as well as!)

The day was just glorious; perfect for golfing.  Sunny, warm but not too hot, a light breeze but nothing which would affect your shots.  Just heaven.  West End is sited on top of a hill above Halifax but despite the hilly terrain all around seemed very flat.  Our course is MUCH hillier.  They are going to have a shock when they come down to play at ours in a fortnight.

In fact I think they will struggle at ours as it is generally quite a bit harder.  Their course seemed very straightforward - not very long, dry so the ball ran on, lots of trees but no rough to speak of and small, true greens.  Ours in contrast, is hilly, not long but devilish around the greens, loads of rough, softer so not as much run, just tricksier all round.  hehehe

You may guess from this semi-smug gloating that I won and the team won.  I had a tough draw as she was a big hitter like me on home turf but I kept steady and took confidence from the course being straightforward and gradually pegged her back and held on for a good win.  So, in 2 matches so far we have won both.  Can we go all season??  Probably not as we've got Rotherham GC in our draw and I bet they're good....

We then had a stunning drive home over a moorland road called Strines.  LONG time readers will (not at all) remember) that I used to drive over Strines every week on my way back from my Lighter Life class in Penistone so I know the road well.  It really is the back end of beyond, empty of anything apart from a few farms and shooting lodges and winds over 4 deep valleys each with narrow stone bridges at the bottom.  A great drive.  Sadly we couldn't fit 2 sets of clubs into either of our convertible cars so I drove Richard's estate but it was still lovely.

Home to sunny chores while Rich mowed the lawn and a couple more packs of doom.  Boooo!  I know I need to do this but I just want to get back to sensible eating.  I can't wait to be making salads and stir fries again.  Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!!

I didn't dare stand on the scales this morning after last night's gorgeous curry excesses.  I did NOT want to go to my match feeling glum and annoyed with myself.  If I had seen a bad number I might have been able to shrug it off but then again, I might not.  Better to have a good day, walk a few miles and hope for a better number tomorrow.

I'm working from home tomorrow so will fit in a run or swim and dancing in the evening.  That should help in the quest to drop those final 2lbs to ensure that I achieve 2 and a half stone off in Bootcamp Phase. It WILL happen.


Peridot said...

Yes, it will! Rooting for you.


Pam said...

Good for you. Of course it will. I do love to read your happy blog with your happy life, especially when I remember reading about your life with D and thinking that he didn't treat you properly. Hurray for you!