Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back to Basics

On this grey and rainy evening, I thought some pretty flowers might cheer us up.  Especially as I just watched Manchester United beat Crystal Palace.  Hate it when that happens, love an underdog.  Poor old Alan Pardew has been in the final loads and still not won.

I had to look back through my old posts to work out when I last went for a run.  Gulp, it was 1st May!  I was ultra positive then as I had been running 2 days in a row and felt like I was on a roll.  However, it proved to be another 20 days before I next went running!!  Life really does get mixed up sometimes.

I managed to get out yesterday lunchtime while working from home and it was much better than I expected given the nearly 3 week hiatus.  I intended to do the short 2.5km run over the fields to Brough and then back along the road but, when I got to the turning point, I felt great so carried on into uncharted (in recent times anyway) territory.

I ran straight up the hill, down a bit and over the usually very muddy stream then back up another field (are you noticing all these "up"s??) and then I carried on feeling like this bit of the run was a lot less frightening than I remembered.  I started to relax and lengthen my stride; I'm better than I thought. Then I ran around a corner - Oh, I forgot about that hill. It was not steep but it was long, very long.

Anyway, I got through it and covered 4.2km without stopping for photos so made better time as well.  So, that takes me to 27.15km on my somewhat interrupted marathon quest.

And then, keeping the momentum going, I went swimming this morning so another 1km added to the, erm, "race".  28.15km down.  It was gorgeous.  Despite the weather forecast which was giving solid rain, it was fine and the sun peaked through making swimming outdoors splendid in a shiny, blue splashy kind of way.  Rich had been golfing so hit lucky with the lack of rain.

I was not so lucky in the afternoon though!  I was playing a knockout comp against a really nice woman called Hilary.  We set off at 1.30 in light drizzle but, after the fine-ish morning, we were confident that it would just be showers.  It seemed as though we might be right too for a while but then, around the 8th, the rain came down heavier.  The waterproofs came on, the brollies went up, the gloves got wet, we persevered.

We played on through a torrential downpour on the 9th; it lightened upon the 10th; but came rocketing down on the 11th and 12th.  By the 12th green we were putting through standing water.  It was gross.  As we stood sheltering under the awning of the hut on the 13th tee we agreed to play the remainder of the match another time.   I'm only 1 down having won the 11th and halved the 12th out of nowhere so there is all to play for!  Wish me luck peeps.

I have never been so happy to sink into a hot bath though.

More golf tomorrow - a match against Halifax who we played a fortnight ago.  The weather is saying FINE!!

All the exercise is helping with the dieting but the going out for supper and drinking Prosecco is sadly not! So, I still have a few lbs to shift to get back to my 15 stone 1lb low of a week ago.  I'm sticking to the packs for breakfast and lunch though and keeping away from snacks etc so it's just the bigger than helpful evening meals which need to be reined in next week before we head down to WEMBLEY!!  Oh my God - I'm so excited about our big trip - I wish it was tomorrow though - a week is just too long to have to wait.

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The blossom pics are lovely - even if they are pink!

Stoic golf playing there....