Tuesday, 24 May 2016

It's all too much!!

I'm frustrated at the moment. Just with, you know, life. Nothing big or important or anything. My frustration comes from the normal, everyday crap that you have to deal with. Nothing is simple. Nothing gets done the first time you try. There is just too much to do.


I eventually got round to buying new golf clubs having decided what I wanted on 31 December and having been actually given the money (by my lovely aunt of Dublin fame) back in November. Surely a good news story you say (while thinking what a moaning, ungrateful cow I am to be whining at £650 worth of free golf clubs)?!

Well yes, but the work involved. The shop will ring when they arrive to see if I can pick them up or will deliver. Great. No call. I ring the shop. Yes, they're here, we'll deliver. Get an email with delivery date. Unsuitable. Log on (create yet another new account) and change delivery date to Thursday. Receuve email confirming new date. Receive text saying they're arriving today anyway. Click on link to change date (again). Receive text confirming changed date (to go with the email). Receive call from delivery man at my house....gaaah!

If this was an isolated incident it would be a mere bagatelle. But, everything I do seems to require multiple attempts on phone, laptop etc. The landscape gardener I hired to do various jobs proved to be an aggressive, confrontational tosser and walked off mid job so now the garden will be another summer without being finished.

The installation of solar panels required the sort of complex paperwork I would expect if I was adopting a child.

Don't get me started on buying tickets to see Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley, not for me and Rich (ours were a breeze given the number of games we go to) but for our half-assed, plastic fan friends who fancy a big day out and want us to help!! And I WANT to help but now kinda regret it.

A saving plan has matured. More work finding somewhere which might pay more than a pittance in interest.

A bra I order in desperation arrives - wrong size - now need to go to the shop to change it.

The theme is that I'm lucky and nice things are happening to me but I have to pay the Administration/Crap Tax before they come through.

So I shouldn't complain but it has been getting on top of me. It has caused me to forget things I really DO want to do. Like actually book the theatre tickets I discussed with a pal to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert tomorrow night. Not going now. Like forgetting to order the invitations my dad wanted for his colonial style curry lunch party until I rang him last night and he reminded me. (Did it last night.) Like neglecting Rich's mum who is looking after the dogs this weekend.....guilt.

Like weeding, going for a run, arranging our foursomes match, planting the bedding, decorating our bedroom...

Thanks listening to me rant. Back to work now. *hollow laugh*


Seren said...

Gah, I know EXACTLY where you're coming from and you have my every sympathy. Stay strong!


Stephbospoon said...

I say to my husband most days that life seems to be measured out resetting passwords these days...totally futile!! Be kind to yourself; no need to keep losing weight,just concentrate on maintaining your waistline and your sanity!!

Peridot said...

All that stuff sounds inordinately frustrating - anyone would be grinding their teeth.

If you've not rage-eaten, you've done v well.


Anonymous said...

Ha! The Admin Tax! Oh dear - I hate the bundled rubbish that seems to come with almost every transaction. All the best for Saturday's match!

Pam said...

Yes, that does sound exceedingly tedious. Sigh.

Sarah said...

I've missed blogging (and even reading blogs) off my list of things I like to do for quite some time because, you're right, "life" crap gets in the way. But when things really get me down, I remember that it's ok not to be a complete doormat (eg. helping friends when it suits them not you) and it's ok to do things that are important to you - and it's also ok to pay for your own convenience (when you can afford that). Life is short - we should all make it easier for ourselves and not feel guilty about that.

S x