Thursday, 12 May 2016

2 days into Phase 2!

The omelette was lovely thanks Seren but a little too big or possibly too rich.  I felt a bit sick by the end, I should've stopped eating about 4 or 5 mouthfuls before the end!!

The last 2 days have been pretty good.  I wondered if I would struggle to make myself stick with the packs for breakfast and lunch but, when it came down to it, there was no resistance at all.  Perhaps because I saw a small jump on the scales yesterday morning (which had nearly disappeared this morning) and perhaps because I'm so busy at work and the shake and soup routine is supremely quick and easy.

I've managed not to snack on bad things - I nearly bought a sausage roll to eat before golfing yesterday evening but managed to switch it at the last minute to a Pepperami and a banana.  I'm also limiting fruit to one piece per day for a while to stop me going mad on it.

Supper yesterday was delicious and simple salmon, a very few new potatoes and green beans with a herby, buttery, lemon dressing.  It was goooood.

Supper this evening has been an equally tasty chicken and bacon salad with honey and mustard dressing and a few homemade crispy croutons.

I'm working on maximising taste and texture to make up for the low carb approach so my meals are not necessarily low fat but they are high on veggies and freshly prepared protein and filling.  I'm hoping if I keep the meals interesting and different I'll be less likely to rebel against the plan.

Problems at the moment are:

  1. In 9 weeks I seem to have forgotten how to shop and plan meals.  I'm rubbish - I forget to buy basic like milk and bread and don't seem to be able to think more than one meal in advance.
  2. Work is manic.  The pressure is intense and doesn't seem likely to be letting up any time soon.  It is a challenge which is sometimes enjoyable but often it does get me down.  Especially when combined with home admin; everything seems such a chore.  Nothing is simple is it?  But then I suppose that is a symptom of having a full life so I shouldn't complain (too much).
  3. A "good" problem is the football.  The next few days will test my resolve in this new phase of my dieting.  We have the home leg of the play off semi-final tomorrow evening.  The ground is going to be packed so the pubs will be busy and we will have to start earlier in order to get a table and served etc.

    The away leg (in Brighton in case you have forgotten - in which case, shame on you!) is on Monday night.  We are driving down on Monday morning, spending the afternoon in Brighton before the game, staying overnight and driving back Tuesday.  I couldn't face the return coach trip in one day/night and the train would have been very expensive.  We're going with Rich's dad and half brother, James so it will be a proper family away trip - can't wait.

    To say that it is going to be tricky to stick to my diet is a bit of an understatement!  But the play offs do not come around often and are a huge opportunity.  Just thrilling.
  4. I was meant to be going over to my father's yesterday, returning this evening but work intervened and that plan had to be cancelled. So instead I'm going over on Saturday returning Sunday and possibly leaving Rich at home.  He is golfing Saturday morning and talking about staying at home to mow lawns and clean the house in readiness for our last minute dog sitters (Kerry and her new chap).  I know he is right, that this is the sensible division of labour etc but I don't like spending our weekends apart.....sulk.....  He might still change his mind....

    Foodwise, it shouldn't be too much of a problem at Dad's.....unless my brother has brought over another box full of fantastic bread from his artisanal baking course.  

    Dad tells me that he generally brings a box full over on a Friday and drives round the village to all of Dad's friends distributing the goodies, lucky Coleby eh?  He has a delivery list of 7 or 8 households now! Dad says he drops it off before he comes to Dad's, doesn't stop to chat, just drops off that week's offering and moves onto the next.  I think that's great and lovely way to show his appreciation for how much everyone has done for Mum and Dad.
  5. I'm really struggling to fit exercise into my life at the moment, apart from golf obviously. No time even to walk into town when I'm in the office so no canal side runs.  Even when I'm working from home I seem to have no time for running or swimming as I have been working right up to home time when we have things arranged for the evening.

    I will be able to go for a swim on Saturday morning and a run in Coleby on Sunday so at least the weekend is covered.  I'll try to do more next week as I suspect that exercise will be the difference between staying the same and dropping.
So, at the moment it is a case of so far, so good but watch this space.  Wish me luck! 

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