Tuesday, 10 May 2016


You know I've been banging on about finishing the bootcamp phase of this diet??   This was to be the last week and I so wanted to hit the 15 stone 3 and to have dropped 2 and a half stone.  My last weigh in was on a Thursday and, as you know, I ate and drank relatively freely on Sunday so I fully expected to be going to weigh in on the last possible day this week, namely Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!

So, picture my surprise this morning, when, after a few days of sticky scale action, I saw 3 lbs off and the magic number - 15.3.2!

It was weird; I was happy about that number but it also left me in a bit of a quandary.  I had expected to be overjoyed to be stopping full abstinence but I wasn't 100% thrilled.  Part of me wanted to carry on with abstinence - just another half stone, get to 3 stone off, see the 14's etc etc.  I suppose I was nervous because I don't want to stop dropping weight and I don't feel quite ready for controlling my diet while eating food.

However, as the day progressed I started to feel happier and happier about it.  Strangely several people stopped me to comment that they had noticed I was slimmer.  A couple of women I barely know but bump into in the kitchen from time to time as well as closer colleagues.  It was most gratifying and I began to settle down and look forward to FOOD!!

But then the anticipation of FOOD also got me worried; was I going to go mad and throw it all away??  Gah!!

I stuck to the packs through the day and then went to my weigh in, crossing fingers that my home scales are accurate and that I had indeed hit the target.  I had - phew!

I told the Counsellor that I would be stopping abstinence and proceeding onto the next stage.  "What's the plan?" she asked.  "Hmmmm, plan? That would be a fine thing."

So, my modified "plan" is to carry on with the packs partly - weekday breakfasts and lunches and the odd bar instead of a snack - and then have real food in the evenings.  The evening meals will be mostly protein and veggies, light on carbs.  I will also do full fast days at least twice a week as previously promised.

The trick is going to be avoiding bread as much as possible, making sure I don't run straight back to the pints of beer and just generally exercising restraint.  But I'm looking forward to the challenge. After all, I met this one!

Tonight, I have been pretty good.  Some chicken straight after my weigh in to stave off hunger pangs and then a piece of toast.  Rich is golfing so I thought I'd eat with him later.  However, he has just texted to say he's eating at the club.  Gah.  So now I'm not sure what to do, especially as there's hardly any food in the house!  A pack maybe?  Or an omelette.  Yes, an omelette will do nicely!  Off I go to the kitchen for the most eagerly anticipated omelette in the living memory!!


Stephbospoon said...

Well done Lesley- a goal achieved! That should give you a real boost, and the phasing out of the packs seems like a good idea to me. Are you planning on doing the 5:2 or similar? I have a copy of Rosemary Conley's version of that which is free to a good home? Stephbospoon@googlemail.com if you would like me to post it.

Seren said...

That's fantastic news - well done, you must be so proud!

This next bit is probably going to be the hardest part as you transition from packs to "real life" food, but you have a solid plan in place and I'm sure that you will be absolutely fine - and we'll all be here cheering you on!

Hope the omelette was good :-)


Peridot said...

Well done you! Yes, moderation is hard I think - but I'm confident you can do it.